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Silicone Coated Basalt Sleeve

Silicone Coated Basalt Sleeve
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Product Description

QIAN-ZE silicone coated basalt sleeve is specialized in protecting wires, cables, hoses, oil lines from extreme heat conditions and electric insulation performance in a flexible way, which are widely used in iron metallurgy industry, industrial furnaces, aerospace, nuclear power, etc. The braided basalt products are the ultimate options for extreme heat conditions which is also easy to install and cut and will provide years of abrasion protection.

Good thermal insulation and fire resistant performance make QIAN-ZE silicone fiberglass sleeve, a silicone thermal insulation, withstand continuous exposure to 800??1472?, providing a 540??1132? increase in temperature protection over fiberglass products.

Silicone Coated Basalt Sleeve Features and Benefits

Basalt texturized and filament sleeving takes advantage of the strength, flexibility, and excellent thermal properties inherent to basalt fibers. In addition, basalt is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Applications include pipe and hose covers, wiring, spark plug boot covers, cable protection, and exhaust sleeving. Durable and flexible for ease of installation. Thermal protection for temperatures up to 1400°F 760°C.

What is silicone coated fiberglass sleeve used for

Silicone fibreglass sleeve can also withstand extremely high temperature; Therefore, it is often used as thermal protection for items such as wires, cables and hoses that continue to be in harsh environments, such as items in engine manifolds and exhaust systems.

Meanwhile, the silicone fire sleeve can protect wires and cables in high temperature environment. As the secondary electrical insulation and mechanical protection of high-voltage cables. Insulate hoses and small pipes to help reduce energy loss. Provide anti-wear protection for hoses and cables.

Quick Reference of Silicone Coated Basalt Sleeve

Materials Basalt Fiber Silicone Rubber Coating

Recommended Operating Temperature

Continuous Exposure: 800??1472?

Size Range ID: 10mm-100mm3/8-4Larger sizes can be customized

Color Black

Typical Industries Transportation Aerospace, Auto, Locomotive, Heavy Equipment

Metals, Iron Steel

Hose Fabrication

Oil Gas

Application Hose and Cable Heat Protection

Water/Oil Proof

Abrasion Protection

Electric Insulation
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