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Topical Flea Tick Defense for Cats Kittens, 3 month supply, Wholesale

Topical Flea  Tick Defense for Cats  Kittens, 3 month supply, Wholesale
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Product Description

Vetriscience Laboratories Topical Flea Tick Defense for Cats, 3 Monthly Treatments Wholesale


Fast Acting, Long Lasting

Kills Fleas

Kills Ticks

Kills Chewing Lice


Kills Fleas, Ticks Lice

Flea Tick Defense for Cats contains the active ingredient fipronil that effectively targets fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Fipronil collects in the oils of the skin and hair follicles, and continues to be released from hair follicles onto the skin and coat, resulting in long lasting activity.

For Fleas:

Kills adult fleas before they lay eggs

Controls and prevents re infestation

Kills fleas that may cause anemia

Protects for one month

Controls fleas which may cause flea allergy dermatitis

For Ticks:

Kills ticks that may transmit Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and babesiosis

For Lice:

Rapidly eliminates infestations with chewing lice

Suggested Use:

Use only on Cats and Kittens 8 weeks or older

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