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A New Age of 5G Is Just Beginning

A New Age of 5G Is Just Beginning
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25G SFP28 BIDI/LWDM/CWDM/DWDM transceivers for 5G front haul are available now.Browse our broad range of products designed to help you enable your communication networks.

Optical Transceiver Types

FTTHThe notable technical feature of FTTH is that it not only provides greater bandwidth, but also enhances the transparency of the network to data formats, rates, wavelengths, and protocols, relaxes the requirements for environmental conditions and power supply, and simplifies maintenance and installation.

Optical modules are optical transceivers used for high-speed data transmission and are used anywhere larger amounts of data needs to be sent and received.

Assist 5G network construction and realize global interconnection.

DAC Direct Attach Cable is a non-replaceable port, and the module head and copper cable cannot be separated. In data centers, copper cables are commonly used to connect servers to storage area networks.

For a long time, Primus It has been working to solve the bottleneck problem of network bandwidth optical modules through continuous technological innovation, adheres to concentrate superior forces constantly improve the industrial layout, and enhance the company's core competitiveness and overall strength, creating the perfect solution.

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