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Lamborghini LDAS/LARA/VAS-PC/ODIS Full Kit Gallardo, Murcielago

Lamborghini LDAS/LARA/VAS-PC/ODIS Full Kit Gallardo, Murcielago
USD 7000.00 - 10000.00
Lamborghini LDAS/LARA/VAS-PC/ODIS Full Kit Gallar
Lamborghini LDAS/LARA/VAS-PC/ODIS Full Kit Gallar
Origin City:
New York
Origin Country:
United States
Delivery Lead Time:
2 to 5 working days
Carton Foam
Payment Terms:
  • PayPal
  • T/T
Minimum Order:
1 Pieces
Supply Availability:
10 Pieces per Month

Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Lamborghini LaRA LDAS VAS ODIS Diagnostic Tester Tool

Language: English,Japanese,Portuguese,Romanian,Korean,Dutch,Polish,Turkish,Spanish,French,Italian,Croatian,Danish,German,Swedish,Finnish,Slovenian,Czech,Russian,Greek, Chinese.

LDAS-32 Diagnostic system:

LDAS is a tool based on the CAN line interface between a personal computer and a vehicle control device. It can monitor the status parameters of the engine and provide all the information needed for engine adjustment and diagnosis including OBD II.

LDAS32 has following functions:

• stored fault information can be displayed in accordance with OBD II technical specifications, without the use of scanning tools.

• engine status can be displayed at the right time to make necessary adjustments.

• data stored by ECU acquired during engine operation can be downloaded and saved in files.

LaRA-AS Diagnostic system:

LaRA provides you with full diagnostic connection to all of the later model ECU, such as the ABS system on late model Murcielago, Gallardo, ZKE system, ILM ECU, Radio and HiFi system, AC and Climate control system, AirBag control and reset, LIE and EGear ECUS. The most important feature is the ability to run the Purge, Prime, and reset the Kiss point on ALL Murciealgo and Gallardo eGear clutches. IT will allow you to recalibrate the eGear system and diagnose eGear related problems. NOT just measure life left on the clutch, but you can RESET it too.

LaRA has following functions:

• ECU Identification Part number, Software version and status

• Erase Fault Memory codes

• Egear Snap file reading

• Control Unit Identification Displays a list of every control unit in the car, including the part number and software version

• Setting the ABS/ESP control unit AirBag Gallardo Murci and Diablos use the ABS/Airbag separate software and hardware

• Setting the A/C control Unit Functions

• E-gear Snap

• Actuator testing Waring lights, Antitheft and door closure, lights, wiper and nozzels test, ESP lock and unloc test , Radio speakers, Navigation speaker, TV Tuner test, Climat control flap test

• Egear flash programming Pump bleeding, read and write clutch functions

• Transport and normal setting for transporting vehicle

• E-gear PIS valve procedure

• Gallardo Spyder Soft top calibration

• Gallardo Spyder and Murci Roadster Roll over protection testing

LaRA covered models:

Gallardo Coupé MY04-08

Gallardo Spider MY06-08

Gallardo Spider LP560-LP570 MY09-14

Gallardo Coupé LP570-LP560-LP550 MY09-14

Murciélago MY04-07

Murciélago LP640 MY08

Murciélago LP640/650/670 MY09-10

VAS ODIS Diagnostic system:

This is the latest Lamborghini diagnostic system,to manage the diagnosis of the complete electronic vehicle space from the following Lamborghini models: Avantador, Huracan, Urus and Gallardo from MY2009,

During vehicle diagnosis, you can also access the following information:

Vehicle data,Repair guide,System structure description, Wiring diagram,Technical Bulletin,Technical product information...

VAS ODIS has following functions:

• Read fault code

• Clear fault code

• Test actuator

• Basic adjustment

• Read measurement data block

• Separate channel data

• Control unit coding

• Adaptive matching

• ElsaPro system

• Software refresh

• Log in online

• online Coding Flash Programming

• Set the service provider code

• Send car chassis number

• Through convenient upgrades,,In time can be service latest models

• With obd -IIdiagnostic function
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