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functional sweetener Isomalto-oligosaccharide liquid and powder

functional sweetener Isomalto-oligosaccharide liquid and powder
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Malto-oligosaccharide is a kind of mixed sugar, mainly composed of maltose, maltotriose to maltooctaose, without dextrin, it is a new type of nutritive sweetener that is produced by the action of specific malto-oligosaccharide enzyme on starch .

The benefits of the isomaltooligosaccharide isomaltooligosaccharide fda can be seen in inhibiting the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria in people's intestines and has special physiological functions. It is an important part of functional sugar.

Maltose, also known as maltobiose or malt sugar, is a disaccharide formed from two units of glucose joined with an ?1?4 bond. In the isomer isomaltose, the two glucose molecules are joined with an ?1?6 bond. Maltose is the two-unit member of the amylose homologous series, the key structural motif of starch. When beta-amylase breaks down starch, it removes two glucose units at a time, producing maltose. An example of this reaction is found in germinating seeds, which is why it was named after malt. Unlike sucrose, it is a reducing sugar.

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