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WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller
USD 90.00 - 10000.00
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7 days
carton, plywood case
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Minimum Order:
500 Sets
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1000 Sets per Month

Product Description

WRC-500 25L Welding chiller has a water tank capacity of 25L. The water tank has a large capacity and a fast cooling speed. It is mainly used to cool high-power argon arc welding machine welding guns, plasma cutting machine cutting guns and other industrial welding equipment. Special selection of stainless steel water pump for welding machine, high-quality heat-resistant motor, extremely low failure rate, not easy to rust, not easy to accumulate scale; wind tunnel type heat dissipation design, light weight; new leak-proof water inlet and outlet joints; the above features can improve welding efficiency. Thereby extending the service life of welding equipment. The front universal wheel design is more convenient to move.

Advantage Of WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

Use anti-corrosion and anti-rust radiator and metal fan to make the best heat dissipation effect.

Customized high-power and high-quality motors, stable operation.

Quick-plug and brass connector are available for the outlet connector, which is convenient to use.

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Specification Of WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

Main voltage 220V 380V

Frequency 50Hz/60Hz

Phase number 1 phase

Tank capacity 25L

Working temperature -20?-60?

Net Weight 32kgs

Product dimensionmm 6553854650LWH

Application Of WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

AC and DC argon arc welding equipment, gas shielded welding equipment, plasma power supply equipment, resistance welding machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

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