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EBZ200 hot sale underground coal mining equipment boring machine roadheader for sale

EBZ200 hot sale underground coal mining equipment boring machine roadheader for sale
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Product Description

Efficient Rock Breaking:

1 The maximum hardness of rock which can be cut at time of joint development is f11;

2 We can design, process and manufacture cutting teeth on our own to eliminate the need for import;

3Three-stage vibration damping technique: patented cutting teeth arrangement, flexible transmission and differential pressure damping structure are used to systematically solve the problem of impact damage by cutting vibration on the overall machine and critical and important parts.

roadheader manufacturers:LOREEN

Efficient Dust Removal

1 Integrated dust removal system innovated in the industry: long-pressure short air ventilation curtain type dust removal system with a total 

dust removal efficiency of ?97%.

2 On-board mining-purpose dust-proof suction system: fundamentally solve the problem of harm to health of staff by construction dust and powder.

Centralized Lubrication

EBZ200 Coal Mining Boring Machine Technical Specifications:

Main Technical Specification EBZ200

Power of cutting motor 200Kw

Power of fuel pump motor 132Kw

Cutting range Height: 4.8 m

Width: 6.3 m

Machine weight 72 T

Dimension LXWXH m

Rotary speed of cutter head 46/23 r/min

Rotary speed of star wheel 28 r/min

Loading capacity 4 m³/min

Speed of 1st conveyor 50 m/min

Speed of driving unit 06.6m/min

Gradeability ±18º

Gantry height 375 mm

Fuel tank volume 600 L

Dinting depth 240mm

Supply voltage AC1140

Roadheader Tunneling Machine Application:

Mining Industry

Roadheaders are the most extensively utilized underground partial-face excavation machines for soft- to medium- strength rocks, especially for stratified rocks. They are utilized for development as well as production in easy rock mining major haulage wanders, roads and also crosscuts, particularly in coal, commercial minerals and also evaporitic rocks.

Civil infrastructure

In civil construction, roadheader machine are made use of to dig deep into trains, streets, as well as sewage system and diversion tunnels in soft ground problems. They are likewise used to enlarge and restore below ground structures. Their capacity to dig deep into nearly any account opening likewise makes them eye-catching to those mining and also civil building and construction projects where various opening dimensions and profiles are needed.

Along with their high flexibility and also adaptability roadheaders are usually reduced resources cost systems com- pared with the majority of various other mechanical excavators. Because of higher cutting-power thickness due to a smaller sized cutting drum, roadheaders can dig deep into rocks harder as well as more abrasive than continual miners as well as borers.

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