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Trisbromoneopentyl Alcohol TBNPA FR-513 CAS NO.36483-57-5

Trisbromoneopentyl Alcohol TBNPA FR-513 CAS NO.36483-57-5
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Product Description

Trisbromoneopentyl Alcohol

Chemical Name:Trisbromoneopentyl Alcohol

Synonyms:3-Bromo-2,2-bisbromomethylpropanol;TBNPA ;

2,2-Bis-bromomethyl-3-bromo-1-propanol tribromoneopentyl alcohol

Brand Name:RX-513

Same Products: FR-513

CAS NO.:36483-57-5

Chemical Structure:

Technical Date Sheet:

Item Specification

Appearance White to off-white crystalline powder

Content 98%

Bromine Content 72%

Acid Value 0.15mgKOH/g

Water 0.3

Melting pointºC 64ºC

Application:Trisbromoneopentyl Alcohol is a reactive flame retardant,widely used in elastomers,coatings and foams,as well as important pharmaceutical intermediates.Its main use is as a reactive intermediate of high molecular weight flame retardant,and its high solubility makes it very effective in binding with phosphorus.As a reactive flame retardant of polyurethane;When applied in rigid or soft polyurethane,the flame retardant grade can be improved.It can be combined with dibromoneopentyl alcohol to take full advantage of their hydroxyl function.

Product Performance:Trisbromoneopentyl Alcohol contains about 73 percent fatty bromine.It has high bromine content and special stability,especially its heat resistance,hydrolysis resistance and light stability.It can be used to produce retarded elastomers with carbamate ethyl groups through its mono-hydroxyl functional reaction,and has good solubility.It is widely used in elastomers, coating foams and polyurethane materials. As a reactive flame retardant of polyurethane,it can be used in rigid or soft polyurethane to improve its flame retardant grade.
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