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Shandong Yunda aviation industry shipbuilding CNC spinning machine alloy material hardware molding e

Shandong Yunda aviation industry shipbuilding CNC spinning machine alloy material hardware molding e
USD 200000.00 - 250000.00
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The wooden case
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10 Pieces per Month

Product Description

The overall structure of the equipment is cast parts, after strict heat treatment process, the overall stability of the equipment. The main shaft and double wheel are respectively equipped with oil cold lubrication device and active spinning function. Workpiece cooling adopts special grinding coolant for cooling, equipped with paper bag filter for filtering cutting fluid.

The sliding parts of the equipment, such as the guide rail, are protected by the organ protective cover. It can be equipped with automatic feeding device to realize unmanned production and online production line work at the same time.

The characteristics of

1. The bed, spindle and its transmission system, wheel seat and other parts of the spinning machine have enough stiffness and toughness.

2. The horizontal and vertical feeding mechanism of the wheel seat adopts hydraulic servo system, and spins the product through the imitation plate to produce enough spinning pressure to meet the technological requirements.

3. Strong spinning machine coarse and fine spinning wheel, but in order to balance the radial force of spinning, reduce the bending deflection, deflection and vibration of the spindle and die core, auxiliary forming wheel is generally multiple, and symmetrical configuration relative to the spindle line, at the same time, the transverse and longitudinal feeding of the spinning wheel adopts hydraulic control, but also in order to improve the precision of the spinning parts.

4. The main shaft adopts large torque servo motor, with enough transmission torque and power to ensure the rotary pressure.

5. The main shaft adopts heavy-duty imported rolling bearings to withstand the large working force produced by the rotary wheel and tailstock cylinder when spinning, and to cool and lubricate the main shaft and its bearings well through high pressure.

6. The oil cylinder makes the jacking block produce enough jacking force to ensure that the blank is clamped in the work. At the same time, it can also help to improve the stiffness requirements of the rotating parts such as the spindle wheel.
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