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Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation
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1stF, Building 1, No. 151 Daxiu Road, Tang Town, P
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Automated Forklift SFL-MP10S

Automated Forklift SFL-MP10S
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Product Description

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation SEER is a one-stop solution provider for intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics. The autonomous forklift company is committed to the construction of core control infrastructure and providing controller, AMR, logistics digitalization and visual AI solutions to help enterprises realize smart manufacturing and logistics transformation while enhancing efficiency and value in a comprehensive manner.

The Automated Forklift SFL-MP10S 2021 is based on the second generation of laser SLAM ground automatic forklift trucks. This automated forklift has a small shape and strong load capacity. The SRC series core controller is equipped inside to achieve ±10mm high precision positioning; And with infrared sensors, 3D obstacle avoidance, safety edge contact and other sensors for safety protection, this automated forklift can ensure the safety of people and goods in the process of operation. It can flexibly complete the transport of goods in a narrow space and realize the intelligent logistics of the factory handling magic.

Descriptions of Automated Forklift SFL-MP10S

Customized laser height

The navigation lidar is installed on the top of the bracket. Also, the original location of the navigation lidar is replaced with an obstacle avoidance lidar.

Accurate obstacle avoidance

3D obstacle camera makes a route to achieve perfect obstacle avoidance.

More reliable anti-collision system

Increase the anti-collision bar at the bottom of the fuselage and support a variety of sensors for safety protection to ensure the safety of staff, goods and robots during operation.
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