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Cylindrical Cell NMC, LiFePO4

Cylindrical Cell NMC, LiFePO4
USD 1.00 - 100.00
Origin Country:
Delivery Lead Time:
4 week
Minimum Order:
1 Pieces
Supply Availability:
1000000 Pieces per Month

Product Description

Ace Battery Co., Ltd. focuses on development, production, sales of lithium-ion and LiFePO4 battery packs, serving diversified markets such as ESS, UPS, medical, material handling, power tools, and industrial cleaning, li ion battery, cylindrical cell battery, prismatic cell and golf cart lithium battery, etc. As a reliable lithium batteries manufacturer, the company has passed IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, UL1973, CE, CB, IEC, UN38.3 certification. With high-quality of different types of lithium batteries and strong system integration capabilities.

ACE offers cylindrical lithium ion battery cells lifepo4,nmc, rechargeable like 18650, 26650 and 21700, with different li-ion types, diversified capacity levels and discharge rates such as 1200mah 18650 battery, 1500mah, 2000 mah, 2600mah, 2800mah, 3000mah, 3200mah, 3400mah, 3500mah, 18650 3600mah, 18650 4000mah, 4200mah, 4800mah, 5000mah, 6000mah, 6800mah, 9800mah, 18650 9900mah, etc.

As an excellent li ion battery company, ACE provides cylindrical cells at a cheap price like lithium ion battery 18650, which are applicable for power tools, E-mobility, consumer, medical and ESS products, etc.

As well, the lithium cylindrical cells such as 18650 cylindrical cell battery, 21700 cylindrical cells for sale are high quality, lightweight, and bulk.

Features of lfp cylindrical cells

Safety, High Capacity, Long Cycle Life, Wide temperature range, UL1642, IEC62133, UN38.3 Approved

Li-ion NCM Cylindrical Cell List

PN# H18650CC H18650CQ N18650CNP N18650CK N18650CP N21700CB

Typical CapacityAh @0.2C 2.2 2.55 2.5 3 3.3 4.8

Nominal VoltageV 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6

Energy Density 172Wh/Kg 207Wh/Kg 191Wh/Kg 222Wh/Kg 251Wh/Kg 253Wh/kg

Weight g 45 48 47 47 48 70

Internal Resistancem? 35 30 16 35 35 30

Discharge Standard 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C

Max. 5C 4C 12C 3C 3C 3C

End VoltageV 2.75 2.75 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5

Charge Standard 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C 0.5C

Max. 1C 1C 2C 1C 1C 1C

End VoltageV 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2

Temperature Charge 045? 045? 045? 045? 045? 045?

Discharge -2060? -2060? -2060? -2060? -2060? -2060?

Cycle Life to 80% BOL capacity 1000 cycles 1000 cycles 500 cycles 1000 cycles 1000 cycles 1000 cycles
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