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Fitting Mirror Display

Fitting Mirror Display
USD 300.00 - 10000.00
Origin City:
Origin Country:
Delivery Lead Time:
Indoor regular 3-5 days, customized 15 days, outdo
carton and wooden box
Minimum Order:
2 Sets
Supply Availability:
1000 Sets per Month

Product Description

Smart fitting magic mirror and virtual dressing mirror is the latest product for the clothing retail industry. People centered, with the help of artificial intelligence big data, quickly match appropriate clothing collocation. Through 3D software, it judges the customer's shape, appearance, temperament and shape, and recommends the most appropriate personality matching, the most appropriate color matching and the most appropriate entertainment scene.

Features of Fitting Mirror Display

Help enterprises solve the problem of knowing people, taking clothes, and connecting orders in offline stores. Smart dressing mirror integrates the consulting experience in the fashion industry and the portraits of tens of thousands of consumers. Relying on artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning technology, it has the characteristics of customer recognition, multimedia playback, voice interaction, and intelligent recommendation, so as to help brand enterprises deepen their understanding of the target customer group, Provide professional image matching suggestions and rich product information for shopping guide sales in enterprise stores.

Assist enterprises to examine their own brand image and market positioning. Innovative scientific and technological products with brand customers as the center and intelligent equipment artificial intelligence as the core. Through the combination of science and technology and aesthetics, open the new retail era for fashion brands and create a new customer purchase experience

Help enterprises transform from traditional retail to new retail: the intelligent management platform will also help brand enterprises improve their existing customer relationship management, realize online and offline interoperability, and further improve the brand satisfaction and retention rate of VIP customers through accurate user portrait data and subsequent directional services.

Details of Fitting Mirror Display

Chip architecture: A72 A53

Number of cores: 6

Dominant frequency: 2.0GHz

Number of cores: 4

Frequency? 700MHZ

System memory RAM: capacity 2G DDR3

System storage ROM: capacity 16GB EMMC

System version: 7.1.1

Language: multilanguage optional

Video format: h.265, H.264 ยท HP / MP / BP, MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, hevc, H.263 D1 / HP

Audio format: WAV, MP3, MP2, AAC, ape, ADPCM, FLAC

Picture format: MBP, JPEG, GIF, png

Type: IPS

Color: 16.7M

Brightness: 500-700cd / m2

Split screen rate: 1920 1080

Touch screen: TP type 10 point touch capacitive screen

FAQs Of Fitting Mirror Display


Touch No Function or Abnormal

A :

Check whether the protective film is torn static electricity will affect the touch

Is the shutdown and restart normal

Check whether the power adapter is stable

Can the USB mouse work Restore the factory settings after it works


Wifi is Not Connected

A :

Check whether the WiFi network is valid and whether the input password is correct

Turn off Bluetooth and reconnect


The Weather Forecast Doesn't Show

A :

Check whether the WiFi network or wired network can be connected to the external network normally. If the network is normal, whether it can be obtained after shutdown and restart; Try to open the mobile phone hotspot and connect the mobile phone WiFi hotspot to see whether the weather can be obtained


Human Induction Has No Effect

A :

Select the corresponding standby time under Settings - advanced settings - standby time settings; For example, the time is set to 5 minutes. When no person is detected to move an object within 5 minutes, the system enters the sleep state. At this time, when someone approaches, it can wake up automatically; If it cannot wake up, check whether the human body sensing switch is set on and whether the system processes sleep in the current state


Magic Mirror Cannot Install the Program, Which Indicates That There is Insufficient Internal Space, but the Application Software is Not Installed


Restore the factory settings in settings - Advanced Settings - to restore the system to its initial state;

Download firmware upgrade firmware with computer tools

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