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Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange

Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange
USD 300.00 - 10000.00
Origin City:
Origin Country:
Delivery Lead Time:
Indoor regular 3-5 days, customized 15 days, outdo
carton and wooden box
Minimum Order:
2 Sets
Supply Availability:
1000 Sets per Month

Product Description

The touch screen free digital signage is not only an outdoor advertising display, but also an information query machine, which can be used in more application scenarios. For example, at a bus station, touch screen digital signage can not only play advertisements, but also allow customers to inquire about vehicle information.

Other Floor Stand LCD Sigange Options:

Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange

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Ultra-thin Floor Standing Digital Signage

Dual Screen Digital Signage

75inch/ 70inch /69.3inch4K Full screen digital signage

75inch / 70inch / 69 .3inch 4K Full screen digita touch signage

Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange

Features of floor standing touch screen kiosk

1. Higher brightness, better advertising display effect

2. Split screen playback, two split screen, three split screen, richer commercial digital signage displays, customized advertising content according to customer needs

3. Timing switch, so you don’t need to miss a potential customer

4. Remote control, timing playback function, easier and more convenient operation, convenient for multiple device control operations

5. Choose from multiple sizes 42 inches 49 inches 55 inches 65 inches 75 inches

6.Can be customized according to customer needs, providing software cloud services, local server services, equipment appearance customization and other hardware services

Works of Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange

Digital signage is a new generation of intelligent equipment that uses standard LCD and LCD TV to realize information display and video advertising through networking and multimedia system control. Its management system mainly adopts central server and client mode, and Ethernet TCP / IP to realize information dissemination.

Details of Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange

Warranty:1 Year

Input Voltage:AC100240V 50/60HZ

Viewing Angle:178/178

Contrast Ratio:3000:1

Screen Size:50inches

After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Online support



Response Time:5ms

Application of Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange

High quality digital signage kiosk is suitable for

chain store, shopping mall,hotle ,bus station ,cinema, hotel , restaurants,supermarket,train station ,airport.

Product Features


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FAQs Of Floor Stand LCD Digital Sigange


Can the Lcd Advertising Display Work Continuously for a Long Time

There is no problem with the LCD advertising display running for a long time. In fact, compared with ordinary CRT displays, LCD advertising displays have less heat generation, lower power consumption, and are more suitable for long-term operation. Scientific and reasonable maintenance can extend the service life of the LCD advertising display, so it should be given a breathing time during the use. After all, the LCD advertising display is a more delicate product. The problem is not as easy to solve as the CRT display


How to Clean the Lcd Advertising Display Screen

When cleaning the screen, try not to use a damp cloth with too much moisture to prevent the water from entering the screen and causing the internal short circuit of the online version of the advertising display to malfunction. It is best to wipe the screen with soft objects such as glasses cloth and lens paper. It can prevent moisture from entering the interior of the liquid crystal advertising display without scratching the screen of the liquid crystal advertising display.


When Switching on the Advertising Display is There Any Interference on the Screen is This Normal

This situation is caused by signal interference of the display card, which is a normal phenomenon. This problem can be solved by adjusting the phase automatically or manually.
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