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LARK 150

LARK 150
USD 100.00 - 600.00
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10-12 days
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1 Pieces
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15000 Sets per Month

Product Description

LARK 150Dual Mics ON. Say You Say Me.The microfono hollyland LARK 150 duo is a wireless microphone system equipped with two independent ultra-compact mics designed to record 2-person dialogues.Never miss any sounds for street interviews, travel vlogging, conversational live streaming, and other types of digital content creation that feature one or two people onscreen.

Characteristics Of Hollyland Lark 150 Firmware Mini and Light. Any Collar FitsWorried about collar turning down The coin-sized mic weights only 20.5g, equivalent to the weight of a walnut, allowing it to work as a piece of jewelry and be almost invisible on people when clipped to the collar.

Noise Buffer Design.

Cleaner Audio in ActionSounds cutting out during yoga, jogging, and other workoutsThe built-in floating buffer sponge effectively avoids collision between the mic and the shell during exercises to reduce noise and enable delicate sound collection.

All-match Versatility. One for All.

One for all is true. Your voices can be recorded regardless of the shooting equipment. Mobile phones, cameras, sports cameras, tablets, computers, etc., all can be used together with it.

Note: It needs an adapter cable from Hollyland hdmi to work with mobile devices.

Smart Signal Processing.

Stay Connected.Worried about unstable transmissionIt scans the surrounding frequency 8,000 times per second and automatically connects to the interference-free channel to ensure the system is always connected. All sounds can be received with no dropouts, even when shooting in the busy streets.

Up to 100 Meters.

Hear As You See.Not sure about the effective rangeIt enables ultra-low latency sub-5ms response at up to 100m transmission distance. The range of activities is no longer limited. Take the camera or mobile devices to jump, run, and shout. As long as you are there, the sound is there.

Auto Pairing. Open and Use.

Take 'em out and use 'em right away. The pairing is automatically completed in the charging box without any further operation. Sing or talk as soon as you want to. You will not miss the sound of every important moment.

Your Rhythm. Your Way.

Use the LARK 150 to listen to more people, record more sounds, document more professions, and share more excitement.

So Many Ways to Work.

Recording Modes Selected on Demand: Mono, Stereo, and Safety soundtrack modes, with their own advantages, available for creators of different needs.

Magnetic Storage. Carry-on Charging.

Having trouble identifying left and right transmitters when putting them back to the caseJust drop them into the case, let them pair, and start charging. Close the lid, put it in your backpack, take it out when using next time with the mics fully charged

Hollyland Lark 150 ManualINTERFACES

Mic Hollyland 150 interfaces

ATRANSMITTER1Power IndicatorRed:Low Battery,Green:Safe Battery Status,Orange:Charging

2 Link IndicatorBlue/Cyan Flashing:Disconnected,Blue/Cyan:Connected,Orange:MIC Mute

3 Built-in Microphone

4 3.5mm Audio Input Port

5 Power ButtonPress for 3s to Switch On/Off,Click to Mute

6 Reset Button

7 Installed Belt Clip8Charging Upgrade Contact

lark 150 user's manual

BRECEIVER1Link IndicatorLeft Channel

2 Display Screen

3 Link IndicatorRight Channel

4 Volume KnobLeft Channel?Adjust the Volume of the Left TX/Recording Mode Switch Button:Press to Switch the Recording Mode/Left TX Mute Button:Click to Mute the Left TX

5 Volume KnobRight Channel:Adjust the Volume of the Right TX/Channel Switch Mode:Press to Switch the Channel when Stereo Mode/Right TX Mute Button:Click to Mute the Right TX

6 Power ButtonPress for 3s to Switch On/Off

7 3.5mm Headphone Monitoring Port

8 Reset Button

9 Belt Clip

10 3.5mm Audio Output Port

11 Charging Upgrade Contact

rechargeable wireless mics


Power IndicatorRed:Low Battery,Green:Safe Battery Status,Orange:Charging

2USE Type-C Port for Charging

3Reset Button

4TX Charging Slot

5RX Charging Slot

6TX Charging Slot



TX:3.5MM Audio Input Port

Charging/Upgrading Contacts

Rx:3.5mm TRS Output Interface

3.5mm Headset Interface

Charging/Upgrading Contacts

Charging Case:USB Type-C Interface

Frequency Bandwidth

2.4GHz AFH

Built-In Mic

Polar Pattern:Omnidirectional

Frequency Response:20Hz20KHz

Lavalier Mic

Polar Pattern:Omnidirectional

Frequency Response:20Hz20KHz

Reference Audio Input Level


Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level

100dB SPL1KHz@1m

Dynamic Range


Polar Pattern


Audio Output Level Change Range


Transmission Latency


Battery Mode



Charging Case:3500mAh12.7Wh

Battery Life

TX:About 4h

RX:About 7.5h

Charging Case:About 2.5 timesCharge 2 TX and 1 RX at the Same Time in Full Charged States

Charging Time

TX:About 45 minutes

RX:About 65 minutes

Charging Case:About 2.5h

Firmware Upgrade Method




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