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Wireless Video Transmission Solution for Sports Events Live Broadcast

Wireless Video Transmission Solution for Sports  Events Live Broadcast
USD 100.00 - 600.00
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15000 Pieces per Month

Product Description

Our integrated wireless backstage communication systems help production teams achieve more flexible on-set camera adjustments without cabling limitations, allowing more flexibility in case of emergencies and ensuring efficient live shooting for the smooth running of each successful event broadcasting.

UVC-embedded Technology for Easier and Stable Livestreaming

The Cosmo C1 video transmission system innovatively features an integrated UVC transmission, simplifying the remote live broadcast process to the extreme. It only takes just one USB-C cable to pass 1080P60 HD video from the receiver to your computer for direct live streaming. The integrated intelligent frequency scan technology can efficiently monitor the on-site signal interference and trigger the video transceiver system to select the best frequency for stable transmission even in dense signal environments.

Multi-camera Configuration with Feasibility and Convenience

The Syscom series multi-camera video transmission solution plays an essential complementary part in facilitating live shooting and broadcast of various events, by wirelessly and remotely transmitting video streams of multiple cameras to the director station in real-time. The wireless connection setup saves time and effort, promoting the production team's on-set coordination with more convenience and efficiency.

Full-Duplex Intercom Solution for Sports Events Operations

The Hollyland wireless intercom systems provide a full-duplex call experience similar to face-to-face communication, facilitating behind-the-scenes crews to achieve multi-party coordination, such as backstage live streaming, scheduling, and field control.

Multiple Systems Cascading Connection with Grouping Function

Hollyland Solidcom M1, our flagship full-duplex communication system, offers a standard package with eight lightweight and portable beltpacks. The system supports up to 3 groups grouping. You can allocate the beltpacks to team members such as the lighting crew, camera crew, PAs, etc. It also features multi-system cascading and OB vehicle interconnection, allowing more flexibility in handling varying event scales and complexity.

2 Antenna Options Built for Different Actual Needs

Solidcom M1 is the industry-first to have an integrated panel antenna inserted into the base station. Besides, the system is also equipped with a pair of external FRP antennas. Combining these 2 antenna options, it significantly improves on-site work efficiency and flexibility and prolongs transmission range to a great extent.

The built-in panel antenna supports up to 1300ft 400m transmission range fronting the panel and an extra 160ft 50m range at the back. The external FRP antennas are endowed with reliable transmission in 360° radius range of around 985ft 300m, ideal for large-scale events including sports events, exhibitions, etc.

Wireless Microphone for Sports Events Operations

Inheriting Hollyland's leading wireless technology, the Lark Series wireless microphones provide more efficient audio recording solutions for live event broadcasts or interviews with outstanding signal stability. The host can move freely in front of the camera and no longer worry about the problem of cutoff.

All-in-one Package with Versatility

The Lark 150 comes with a portable charging case, eliminating the need to manually switch on or off or pair. Take the microphone out of the box, and you are all set to launch a live interview or audio recording. The transmission distance of the system can reach 100 meters, and the lightweight and compact design offer a more mobile and convenient recording experience.

Professional Audio Recording for Multi-person Conference

Hollyland Lark series offers dual- or multi-mic solutions designed to record 2- or multi-parties dialogues.

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