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3x3 Floor-standing Splicing Screen

3x3 Floor-standing Splicing Screen
USD 200.00 - 8000.00

Product Description

3x3 Video Wall Screen

It can be used for large exhibition spaces such as conferences, shopping malls, etc., and the viewing effect is good. In addition, more viewers can be accommodated. It can be installed in the cabinet and installed on the floor bracket, and the overall display is beautiful and generous. This arrangement size is closest to a 16:9 viewing screen ratio.

Gallery of 3x3 Floor-standing LCD Video Wall Outdoor Splicing Screen

Installation Steps Of Lcd Video Wall Vertical Landing Bracket 3 X 3 As An Example

Material: horizontal bar, vertical bar, extension bar, hook, connection corner brace, adjusting screw, expansion screw.

Assemble four shaped frames like? with a hanging commercial screen crossbar and extension bar.

Assemble a shaped frame like ? with a hanging screen crossbar and extension bar

Fix the bracket assembled in FIG. 1 to the mesh frame in FIG. 2 with corner code connector according to the drawing requirements.

Fix the horizontal bar to the vertical bar according to the requirements of the drawing.

After the bracket is assembled, find the suitable position according to the site environment and fix it with pressing blocks. Require installation level? flat and firm ground

Install the display digital screens. Each display screen has 4 hooks and 3 adjustment screws for each hook. Use the adjustment screw to adjust the high, low and front and rear positions and fix them

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