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LANDUN Commercial Digital Displays For Your Choices

LANDUN Commercial Digital Displays For Your Choices
USD 200.00 - 8000.00

Product Description

LANDUN Display was established in 2011, which initially started with the production of Professional Security Display Equipment. The original products were industrial-grade CCTV monitors and video wall. According to market development and needs, we have developed our own Digital Signage software. Gradually increase the production lines of various Digital Signage players, Smart whiteboards, Interactive screens, commercial lcd screens, Outdoor screens, and led screen signage , etc. At present, we have more than 30 kinds of products, which are sold to more than 80 countries around the world, and we also cooperating with more and more world-renowned company.

LANDUN Commercial Digital Display List

LCD Video Wall

49 Inch Video Wall

55 Inch Video Wall

2x2 Wall-mounted Splicing Screen

3x3 Floor-standing Splicing Screen

LCD Digital Signage

Indoor Wall-mounted Advertising Display Screen

Indoor Floor-standing Digital Signage

LCD Poster Screen

Outdoor Wall-mounted Advertising Display Screen

Outdoor Floor-standing Digital Signage

Shop Window Screen

Custom LCD Digital Signage

Outdoor Portable Battery Powered Screen

Ultra-thin Double-Sided Screen

Stretched Bar LCD Digital Sigange

Supermarket Shelf Screen

Picture Frame Screen

Elevator Screen

LED Screen Series

MINI Fine Pitch LED Display Signage

Indoor LED Display Signage

Outdoor LED Display Signage

Indoor LED Poster Digital Signage

Outdoor LED Poster Digital Signage

Car Top Display

LCD Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive Smart Meeting Screen

Teaching Interactive Whiteboard

Conference Interactive Whiteboard

LCD CCTV Monitor

8-43 Inch CCTV Monitor

55-86 Inch CCTV Monitor


Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

Infrared Face Recognition

LCD Processor

Digital Signage And Displays Customization Service

Functional Customization: The company's products can provide functional customization services according to customer requirements, such as adding cameras to count people; it can also provide touch and non-touch function customization.

Color Customization: The regular colors of the company's products are black, gray, etc. Color customization can be provided according to customer needs for specific products.

Logo Customization: When customers purchase company products, they can provide services of customizing the company's logo, including boot logo and product shell logo.

Size Customization: According to the customer's needs for a specific space, the company can also provide size customization to create a suitable space for customers.

System Customization: In order to cope with the diversification of the system, the product can also provide customization, Windows system, Android system and so on.

Appearance Customization: Foreign customers have relatively novel requirements. In order to comply with the development trend, our company can provide appearance customization.

How Does Digital Signage Work


A way to design and create messages, as well as how the overall screen layout will look; could be special software programs or the design tools from another program like PowerPoint; this can also include data feeds and subscriptions.


A content management system CMS that organizes, schedules and delivers your messages to media players or playback devices; this software can be housed on a native content server on site or cloud based.


A media player is a PC or appliance that pushes the content to the display; the player software handles visual rendering of the messages and feeds in a content playlist, and distributes it to one or more screens.


Screens of some sort usually flat screen TVs, LCD or LED that are wall-mounted or contained within a kiosk; could be interactive touchscreens for things like way-finding and menu boards; can also be several screens networked into a video wall.


This is all of the mounts, cabling, network connections, etc. that enable the messages to go from the content server to the media players to the displays; could include internet connection to show live web pages, social media feeds, real time data feeds and more.

Benefits of LANDUN Digital Signages

Easier To Use

To produce effective print signage, you usually need a graphic designer and a long lead time. However, when it comes to creating content for digital signage, there are many easy software tools that come with templates, making designing quick and easy. Once you have created your content, you can easily edit and update it too.

Signage Totem Easier To UseSignage Totem Easier To UseSignage Totem Easier To Use

Production Process

In the production process of the digital signage, excellent manufacturers like LANDUN, must pay attention to every detail, and ensure the quality of the LCD digital signage through the control of each component, such as whether the digital signage's driver board and power board choose the industry-optimized configuration, LCD digital signag
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