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Commercial Vehicle Tracker

Commercial Vehicle Tracker
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Product Description

Commercial Vehicle Tracker is widely used in various trucks, trucks, and commercial vehicles. It can send the vehicle position and vehicle status to the cloud center in real time, so that the center can know the vehicle or vehicle cargo status in real time. The TRACKER launched by PDS Technology can support IP67 level, compatible with a variety of 4G networks, and can use the extended interface CAN or RS232 to connect data sensors, and send the vehicle status and position to the background center.

Types of commercial vehicle tracking device

PB001 LTE Waterproof Commercial Vehicle Tracker

PB001 is an IP67 4G LTE TRACKER, it supports CAN and RS232 functions through 10PIN expansion interface, adopts UBLOX positioning chip and supports CATM1 network to realize the positioning management of vehicles

PB002 LTE Waterproof Standby Asset Tracker

PDS professional commercial vehicle 4G tracker, which can be used to locate vehicle location information and view vehicle working track. At the same time, due to the compact design of PB002 commercial gps tracking systems, it can be installed in a hidden location of the vehicle and is not easy to be found.

Features of Commercial Vehicle Tracker

Support LTE-M network standard

GPS BD QZSS positioning, support A-GPS fast positioning

LTE antenna and GPS antenna built-in

IP67 waterproof rating

9-36v vehicle gauge power supply standard iso7637-2

Commercial gps tracker Common Applications

PDS commercial vehicle tracker can be used for location tracking of various commercial vehicles. The current position of the vehicle can be obtained in real time, the driving trajectory of the vehicle can be recorded, and the working information of the vehicle can be collected. Through the 4G LTE, relevant data can be sent back to the background, helping the background to manage the working conditions of the fleet vehicles in real time.

FAQs of Commercial Vehicle Tracker

How to install Commercial Vehicle Tracker

There are currently two ways, one way is to use Velcro to install. The other way is to fix it with screws.

How to supply power to commercial tracking devices to run

Usually there are two ways, one is to supply power to the cigarette lighter on the car, and the device is turned off when the vehicle is turned off. The other is to connect to the vehicle B , ACC, GND signal through the wiring harness, so that the device can still work even if the vehicle is blown up.

How to control the quality of Commercial Vehicle Tracker at present and how long is the warranty period

100% inspection before shipment, the normal warranty time is 1 year.

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