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PDS Mobile Data Terminal

PDS Mobile Data Terminal
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Product Description

PDS Technology is an engineer-driven technology company. We believe that through our technology and products, we can make our customers better. We focus on the development of in-vehicle products including vehicle mount computers, commercial vehicle trackers and rugged tablets for sale.

Our core team members have more than 15 years of in-vehicle product development experience and have proven successful development and mass production experience for big projects.

Mobile Data Terminal Device Catalogue

Vehicle Mount Computer

PDS vehicle mount computer also install a lot on mining vehicles and engineering construction vehicles. This devices can help collect vehicles working data, running specific APP to improve working performance.

Commercial Vehicle Tracker

PDS commercial vehicle tracker is a tracker that can support 4G and CAT-M1. Compared with traditional 2G tracker, PDS tracker will have more powerful functions and more complete configuration support, which can help commercial vehicles get more Good location and tracking.

Rugged Tablets

Compared with the ordinary tablet, rugged tablet can work in a harsher working environment, and at the same time, it can work longer and more stable than the ordinary tablet. The PDS team has more than 12 years of RD and mass production experience on professional rugged tablets to ensure better quality and work efficiency.



Specifically developed for autonomous driving of agricultural vehicles, supporting high-precision autonomous driving.

Vehicle Mount Computer Solutions in Construction Mining

Construction Mining

Rugged and reliable, supports CAN bus, in-vehicle Ethernet, multiple cameras, and supports high-precision autonomous driving

Vehicle Mount Computer Solutions in Boat Terminals Market

Boat Terminals Market

IP65 waterproof grade, anti-salt spray, meet the requirements of shipboard computer

Vehicle Mount Computer Solutions in Transportation Logistics

Transportation Logistics

IP67 LTE-M telematicus BOX, supports UBLOX A-GPS function

What is High Precision Positioning

With the rapid development of satellite positioning technology, people's demand for fast and high-precision location information is also increasing. At present, the most widely used high-precision positioning technology is RTK Real-Time Kinematic. The key to RTK technology lies in the use of GPS carrier phase observations and the use of the observation error space between the reference station and the mobile station. Correlation, remove most of the errors in the observation data of the mobile station by means of difference, so as to achieve high-precision decimeter or even centimeter-level positioning.

All PDS technology in-vehicle computers can have high-precision positioning modules to meet the needs of autonomous driving or semi-autonomous driving.

As a professional mobile data terminal manufacturer, we provide mdt mobile data terminal, commercial vehicle tracker, mobile data terminal for sale, etc. For mobile data terminal price or more information, please feel free to contact us!
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