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Signal SPD

Signal SPD
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Techwin Inc. is one of the most professional surge protection device manufacturers in China. With matured experience in surge protector technology, Techwin surge protection deviceSPD China manufacturer, whose spd surge arresters obtained 28 technology patents and multiple certifications such as CE, ROHS, TUV, UL, CQC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and so on.

Signal SPD

Signal surge protective device SPD is actually a signal arrester, which is installed in series in the signal transmission line, usually at the front end of the equipment, to protect the subsequent equipment-all kinds of signal lines and equipment, and prevent lightning waves from influencing the signal line and damaging the equipment.

Its main functions are:

Limit the transient overvoltage caused by the induced lightning in the signal line. According to surveys, more than 80% of lightning strikes in electronic systems are caused by induced lightning. Therefore, the wide application of microelectronic equipment in modern society should strengthen the lightning protection of electronic systems and install suitable signal surge protection.

Limit the surge caused by the start and stop of the electronic system. In addition to the lightning induction caused by the surge in the signal line, the most important reason is the start and stop of the electronic equipment. This kind of surge is widespread. The installation of a suitable signal surge protector on the line can effectively suppress the surge caused by the operation of the electronic system, and can effectively reduce the deterioration and failure of electronic sensitive components, and ensure the signal line The stability, prolong the service life of electronic equipment.

Signal surge protector can be divided into network signal surge protectors, monitoring signal surge protectors, control signal surge protectors, video signal surge protectors, telephone signal surge protectors according to different types of protected lines, Explosion-proof signal surge protectors,s and many other types, each type has many models, parameters and different appearances.
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