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High anti-shear Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer in API SO/SN/CK-4/CJ-4 SAE 0W20/0W30/0W40 Engine Oil

High anti-shear Ethylene-Propylene Copolymer in API SO/SN/CK-4/CJ-4 SAE 0W20/0W30/0W40 Engine Oil
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200L drum
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1 Metric Ton
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1000 Metric Ton per Year

Product Description

Key performance benefits

Excellent shear performance

Good dispersity

Less carbon deposit

Excellent filtrability

Stronger thickening ability


GALX-8619A can be blended into high-grade engine oils with API SO, SN, SM/CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 quality grades, the oils with GALX-8619A can meet the requirements for low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature anti-shear ability of 0W20, 0W30, 0W40 / 5W20, 5W30, 5W40, 5W50 oils. With the appropriate dosage in gear oils or hydraulic oils, the shearing and filtrability requirements of the oils can be met.

GALX-8619A can formulated into super advanced multi-grade internal combustion engine oils, and also be suitable for high-grade gear oils, hydraulic oils and metal processing oils as auxiliary thickener.


Item Standard Value Test Method

Thickening ability,100?,mm2/s 6.5±0.5 ASTM D445

SSI 12max ASTM D6278

Kinematic Viscosity, 100?,mm2/s 1200min ASTM D445

Typical value of low-temperature performance

GALX-8619A T803BPPD, % 150SN, % Pour Pointafter blending

10.00% 0.50% 89.50% -53?

Typical value of high-temperature anti-shear ability

0W40, 100? KV: 13.8 5W40, 100?KV:13.6


high-shear viscosity,mPa.s:4.11 High-temperature

high-shear viscosity,mPa.s:3.97

Data sheet of GALX-8619A Low-temperature CCS performance

Batch No. SSI % Pour Point, ? Flash Point,? KV 100?

mm2/s Thickening ability Low-temperature dynamic viscosity

-30?, mPa.s Sample



20141229 10.8 -5 220 1331.3 6.77 6094 14.64

20150518 12.5 -5 220 1373.73 6.95 6074 14.61

20150806 9.63 -5 222 1330.3 6.96 6167 14.61

20150824 10.86 -5 220 1528.33 7.09 6066 14.62

20151112 9.63 -6 220 1459.66 7.06 6201 14.6

20160119 12.92 -6 220 1136.68 6.6 6011 14.62

Sample composition?GALX-8619A10±0.5% PPD:1.0% Base Oil:89±0.5%

As different thickening ability of GALX-8619A, recommended dosage is 10±0.5%, KV?100 of sample was blended into 14.60.

PS: Blank sample: base oil PPD 1.0%?

Data sheet?Low-temperature dynamic viscosity-30?, mPa.s:4560, KV100??6.60, KV40??38.24?VI:127.

Packing and Storage


This product is packed in the clean, dry and leak-tightness drums,net weight is 170kgs/drum.


This product should be kept in the shady, cool, clean, ventilated warehouse, and be also kept in clean covered vehicles when transportation, its storage life is 2 years
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