Shenzhen YingYuan Electronics Co., Ltd
Shenzhen YingYuan Electronics Co., Ltd
The 8th Building,Hongye Industrial Zone,Jiuwei Vil
Shenzhen, GU
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Power Adapters

Power Adapters
USD 1.20 - 130.00

Product Description

Shen Zhen Shi Alrightpower Technology Co., Ltd is one of the power supplies manufacturers and ac adapter suppliers located in Baoan district, Shenzhen.

Power Adapters, also known as AC DC adapter, AC DC Switching Power Supply, Power adaptor, or AC adaptor. It is a type of external Power Supply. Alrightpower 's power adapters including Wall Mount Power Adapters, Interchangeable Plug Power Adapter and Desktop Power Adapter.

Types of Power Adapter

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Power Adapter Function

A Power Adapter, or AC DC adapter, is an electrical device that can draw input power from the main electrical system and converts the right current, voltage, frequency to the DC that is used to charge the device. And different Power adapters are with different Watt, Current and voltage. Alrightpower 's power adapters' Watt varies from 5 Watt to 120 Watt. They are can offer power to many kinds of consumer electronics products and household applications such as tablets, beauty devices, humidifiers, massage products and so on.

How to Use Power Adapter

When using a power adapter, firstly, you need to check the voltage and current your device need. Make sure the power adapter's current and voltage suitable for your devices. High or Low voltage and current all may cause many bad effects. Secondly, check the power adapter connector diameter that your devices need.The most commonly used connectors are 5.52.110mm ,5.52.510mm or 3.51.3510mm .Thirdly, choose the right power adapter polarity, there is positive polarity and negative polarity. If you reverse the polarity, there is the possibility that your devices will be damaged. After confirming the power adapter is surely compatible with your device. just connect the power adapter device and power socket together.

Power Adapter Supply Safety Standards

61558-1, 62368-1, and 60335-1 Safety Standards

IEC 60335-1 is the safety standard of household electronic products and similar electrical appliances.

IEC 62368-1 is a set of safety regulations of Audio video products and information communication technology electronic products.

IEC 61558-1 is the safety standard of class II power supply used for household appliances. Most of the household electronics products are required IEC 61558 standard.
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