Shenzhen Zhiding Polymer Material Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Zhiding Polymer Material Co., Ltd.
Building 8, Hongde Industrial Park, No. 63 Yuchang
Shenzhen, GU
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Shenzhen Zhiding Polymer Material Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen,

Guangdong Province, China. It holds ISO9001 certificate, ROHS.UL-94V0,

etc., manufactures and sells various EMI shielding products, focusing on

our customers. We are committed to providing high-quality shielding

products, dealing with finished and semi-finished products.

Specializing in the production of finished products, including mobile

phone shielding cabinets, mobile phone shielding boxes, mobile storage

cabinets, chassis cabinets, sheet metal processing, mucous membrane

removal systems, mold cleaning tanks, mechanical equipment covers, etc.,
Semi-finished products include conductive foam cloth, conductive cloth,

conductive sponge, conductive tape, EMI shielding gasket, nickel mesh,

conductive copper foil tape, conductive aluminum foil tape, conductive

foam, conductive polyethylene, etc. All these products have competitive


In addition, our conductive shielding products, conductive antimagnetic

wave products, conductive shielding tape products, dustproof cotton,

shockproof strips, waterproof strips are used in medical equipment,

communication cabinets, electronic appliances, ATM door seals and many

other fields. It covers a wide range and meets the various needs of


Zhiding Shielding Technology’s engineering and manufacturing managers

have nearly 30 years of comprehensive engineering experience in EMI

shielding technology, and they have developed manufacturing processes to

adapt to small batch and mass production. This helps us position

ourselves to compete for large and small orders.

Customer-centric, Zhiding shielding technology focuses on customers. All

our employees are committed to providing competitive prices, high-

quality EMI shielding products, and providing unparalleled customer

service. If we do not bring the product you want, we still encourage you

to contact us. We understand the industry, understand the market, and we

will help you find what you need.

We also have extensive internal capabilities in assembly and value-added

capabilities. The most important thing is to provide customers with the

fastest service, cost-effective price quotation, and product samples.

The order is confirmed on the day.
If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact

Basic Information
Company Name:
Shenzhen Zhiding Polymer Material Co., Ltd.
Registered Address:
Building 8, Hongde Industrial Park, No. 63 Yuchang
Shenzhen, GU
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