Beijing E-Time Control Technology &Development Co., Ltd
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Beijing E-Time Control Technology &Development Co., Ltd
Room 3006 HengXinTianTai Plasa,No.93 JiuGong West
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Beijing, BE
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Beijing E-Time Control Technology &Development Co., Ltd company welcome you! My company. is professional agent distributor of world famous brands full range of industrial products, Siemens, ABB, AB (Allen-Bradley), EAO, OMICRON, EPCOS, EUPEC, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Toshiba, Tang Chi, Hercules, Santak, champion, Schneider?at the same time supply PLCs, inverters& converters ,DC converter , pannel , Circuit Breakers ,Contactors, Motors ,Switches ,Relays ,DP Cables, Siemens pressure transmitter & sensor , Instruments and apparatuse ..., with good quality and best price and ex-stock.
In addition, the company has a group of professionals in the field of industrial sales, technical and engineering personnel, employees 90% bachelor degree or above, can quickly and timely to provide users with a full range of services and support. I hope we can have more cooperation opportunities!
Company products:
? Siemens PLC module: Siemens S7200CN PLC Siemens S7-200PLC Siemens ET200 module S7-300PLC module S7-400PLC module Siemens- S1200 module S1500PLC module Siemens S7-300PLC Digital Output (input) module Siemens S7-300PLC Analog Output (input) module Siemens S7400PLC Digital Output ( input) module Siemens S7-400PLC Analog Output (input) module S7200 Step7 programming software micro Win V4.0 SP6 Siemens 300 and 400 programming software Step7 v5.5 Siemens S5 series PLC module Siemens ET200S ET200M ET200B ET200SP ET200PRO module
? Siemens SITOP 6EP switching power supply Siemens 307 power module Siemens 407 power module Siemens servo power unit module
? Simon network communications products: Siemens switch 200/300/400 Siemens CP card Siemens PLC communication module RS485 DP communication cable joint Siemens Siemens Siemens RG45 PN communication cable communication cable joint Siemens IPC Siemens machine IP server configuration software STEP7V5.4 WINCCV6.2, V7.0 etc.;
? Siemens converter: Siemens 440 inverter Siemens 430 inverter Siemens 420 inverter Siemens G110 inverter Siemens G120C inverter Siemens G120 inverter Siemens G120D inverter Siemens G120P inverter Siemens G130 inverter Siemens G150 inverter Siemens inverter cabinet mounting assembly Siemens AOP operating panel Siemens BOP operating panel Siemens 440/430/420 DP communication card Siemens input / input / output reactor Siemens output filter
? Siemens servo module: Siemens V20 servo Siemens V60 servo drive Siemens V80 servo drive Siemens V90 servo drive and 1LF6 servo motor Siemens S120 servo module Siemens V60 1FL4 servo motor Siemens V80 1FL4 servo motor Siemens servo communication cable Siemens servo power cable Siemens servo communication card Siemens servo MMC memory card
? Siemens process instruments: Siemens 6DR valve positioner Simon 7M level gauge (gauge) 7MB 7MC 7ME 7MF Siemens flowmeter Siemens pressure gauge Simon 7MH weighing module to Siemens bearing sensor
? Siemens 6SE70 converter: Siemens 6SE70 inverter panel Siemens Siemens IP20 SBP signal processing board Siemens EB1/2 terminal expansion board Siemens SCB1/2 interface board digital tachometer interface board Siemens LBA data bus adapter T400 computer connection cable SIEMENS SCI1/2 interface board Siemens 6SE70 inverter accessories Siemens 6RA70 speed control device Siemens IGBT accessories and panels
? Siemens numerical control 6SN module, 6FC, 6FX 6SN 1LA 1MJ 1LG 1PH7 1FT 1FK Siemens servo motor etc.
? Siemens low 3R, 3V, 3T, 5S, 5T, 7K, 3U, 3S, 3K, 3N, 3L, 3W, 8W, 4A, 4E etc.
? Siemens Sitor Simadyn C Simadyn D. Siemens products: 6DD1 6DD2 6DD3 6DM 6DC
? Siemens HMI man-machine interface 6AV (including discontinued parts) in addition to Mitsubishi touch screen AB touch screen Fuji touch screen, touch screen OMRON F Lo Faith and other supporting touch panel touch lens
? Rockwell A-B SLC-500, PLC-5, ControlLogix, MicroLogix, frequency converter, AB soft start, the industrial computer;
? ABB low voltage drive: ACS800, ACS355, ACSM1, ACS310, ACS350, ACS150 and supporting the annex ABB PLC (DCS) ABB DC speed regulator
? FX0N FX1N FX2N FX1S FX3U. Mitsubishi FX2NC A Q series PLC FR series inverter A740 F740 A720S E720 GT series of touch screen
? Switzerland EAO series switch button EVIEW, HITEC touch screen Yonghong PLC Feng Wei PLC import PLC programming cable, communication cable Fuji OMRON inverter Toshiba frequency converter
? Fuji LV, OMRON sensor, coder, KOYO coder and supporting shaft coupling, vision sensor, Wade Miller terminal, Schneider low voltage soft starter frequency
? GTR IGBT IPM PIM thyristor rectifier bridges of Fuji Mitsubishi ABB Sansha Sanken Toshiba, Motorola, Siemens Simon Kang EUPEC Infineon EPCOS CONCEPT SUNON IR IXYS brand
? professional maintenance of imported industrial automation control equipment: switch power servo control module of motor PLC card control touch screen; undertake automation engineering project design, development, installation and commissioning, system renovation and expansion and other supporting services
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Beijing E-Time Control Technology &Development Co., Ltd
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Room 3006 HengXinTianTai Plasa,No.93 JiuGong West, Email Ids:
Beijing, BE