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Mobile High-pressure Fine Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device Electric

Mobile High-pressure Fine Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device Electric
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Product Description

Mobile high-pressure water mist fire fighting system ppt, QXWL18.5/22BD-T125, consists of frame, high-energy lithium battery pack, wheels, push handle, water foam box, water mist fire pump, water filling mechanism. The device uses an electric motor as the equipment power, green, equipped with touch screen, can realize one-button start/stop, real-time pressure display, water level/foam liquid level display, foam proportion adjustment on the panel. Can effectively and timely extinguish large class A, CLASS B, class C and electrical fire, suitable for small space, large and medium-sized fire vehicles inconvenient to start the initial fire, such as highway vehicle fire extinguish; On duty at large events and patrolling at trade centers; Tourist attractions, cultural relic units, ancient buildings; All kinds of important storerooms, oil storage, confidential room, etc.

Parameters of Mobile High-pressure Fine Fire Fighting Water Mist System Electric

The Product Type Water mist gun Product model QXWL18.5/22BD-T125

Prime Mover Type motor Prime mover power 6kW

Outside The Profile Size 1370mm×790mm×1120mm Length x width x height?

The Battery Type High energy lithium battery

Liquid Storage Tank Volume 125 L water110L, foam 15L The length of the hose 52.7 m

Pump Rated Outlet Pressure 20 MPa Pump rated flow 22 L/min

Water Spray Rated Working Pressure 18.5 MPa Water spray rated working pressure 18.5 MPa

Rated Spray Flow Rate of Water Mist 22 L/min Water spray-rated flow rate 22 L/min

Fine Water Mist Range 12 m Water spray range 18 m

Effective Spray Time of Fine Water Mist 6 min Effective spray time of water mist 6 min

The Droplet Diameter ?100?m Fire extinguishing performance 20A, 297B

Features of Mobile High-pressure Fine Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device Electric


No Pollution To The Environment

High fire extinguishing efficiency, less water damage, destructive, safety and environmental protection etc., Applicable to large factories, businesses, communities, stations, tunnels, warehouse, computer room, square, building fire extinguishing and so on.?


Fine water mist is harmless to human body.

Has no impact on the environment and will not produce harmful decomposition substances at high temperatures. Because of its efficient cooling effect and obvious absorption of smoke and dust, it is more conducive to the escape and rescue of fire scene personnel. Fine water mist has good penetration, can solve the problem of shielding, the steam formed by fine water mist can cover the combustion, effectively prevent the spread of the fire and reignite.?


Compared with other conventional water spray fire extinguishing equipment.

The water consumption of water mist fire extinguishing method is greatly reduced, which reduces the energy consumption of the system and the volume of the fire water tank. Good electrical insulation performance.

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