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Pushcart Type High Pressure Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device

Pushcart Type High Pressure Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device
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Product Description

One-button start/stop, real-time pressure display and foam ratio adjustment can be realized on the panel. In addition to an electric start, the engine also has A pull rope recoil start, reliable and fast operation, can effectively extinguish class A, CLASS B, class C and electrical fire. Applicable scenarios: tourist attractions, rail transit, cultural relic units, fire stations, oil storage, confidential room, etc.

Parameters of Pushcart Type High Pressure Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

The Product Type Water mist gun Product model QXWL15.5/22BQ-T125

Prime Mover Power 23HP Prime mover type Gasoline engine

Outside The Profile Size 1350mm×810mm×1200mm?Length x width x height?

Liquid Storage Tank Volume 125L water 110L, foam 15L The length of the hose 52.7m

Rated Outlet Pressure of Pump Set 20 MPa Rated flow of pump set 22 L/min

Water Spray Rated Working Pressure 15.5 MPa Water spray rated working pressure 15.5 MPa

Rated Spray Flow Rate of Water Mist 22 L/min Water spray-rated flow rate 22 L/min

Fine Water Mist Range 12 m Water spray range 18 m

Effective Spray Time of Fine Water Mist 6 min Effective spray time of water mist 6 min

Features of Pushcart Type High Pressure Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Device?


Have the ability to quickly fight the initial fire.

Mobile high-pressure fine portable water mist fire fighting system can bring its own water and foam liquid. For small initial fire, it can quickly extinguish the fire or implement fire extinguishing with other fire fighting equipment.?


High pressure fine water mist uses high performance fine water mist spray gun.

Which can realize the rapid conversion of dc, spray and foam mixing three modes. It can adjust the conversion according to the actual situation of the fire site to meet the needs of the actual situation.?


Water mist is not conductive, and will not cause flame splash in the fire extinguishing process.

And can reduce the proportion of oxygen in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of faster fire extinguishing.

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