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#1212 , 1701 , ZuGong 17 Complex , Chang-4 Dong ,
DoBong-Gu , zip. 132-787
Seoul City, ID
South Korea
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AMAZING Co, Ltd. are manufacturer of iron-on heat transfer Hot Fix such as Lead Free Rhinestone, Rhinestud, Nail Head, MC(Machine Cut), Half Round, Hot Fix Setting Machines, Heat Transfer Press Machine, Motif, Hot Fix Tape, Epoxy Pearl, Convex, Stone Ring, Pasco, Check Type, Pearl, Faceted Epoxy
Pearl, Mirror Ring, Metal Pearl, Check Epoxy Pearl, Pastel Stone, Solid Stone, Flower Stone, Laser Cut, Wheel(Dia Cut), Foil, Spangle, Hologram, Sequin, Bead, Embo, Beetle, etc.

We roll out the red carpet for buyers, clients, visitors.

We produce various, peerless Hot Fix and Hot Fix Setting Machines in the factory of South Korea with state-of-the-art equipment and time-honored craftsmanship .

Fashion-forward AMAZING of Haute Couture achieve galloping strides as Beautiful People Powerhouse and Total Vogue Producer.

Hot Fix are purely Korean origin and Grade A Lead Free Hot Fix of bijouterie.

Sparkle are orient, glittering, diamond
Grey glue is eco-friendly and powerfully adhesive in all fabrics.
Applicable flat back, 2 cut crystallized Rhinestone and modern cut of 12 facets of strass.

Lead Free stone are first-class across Korea.
Colors : ppm is zero
Crystal : 30 ppm
Daily output :100,000 grs

We are creating newfangled sensational color, shape, design, look, material.

We pursue the perfection by product concept and benchmarking and quality circle.
We obey ecology fashion, product liability, zero defects, in-house QC.

AMAZINGSTAR are best magnet, best-seller, golden goose in shopping quarters, rank and fashion just like Champs Elysees,
Carnaby Street, Woodbury Outlets, Fifth Avenue, Gucci Gulch from fashionista, enthusiast, hip-hop modern, swell girl and ours sell like hot cakes.

AMAZING-holic and AMAZING addicts are sweeping world market from China to Peru.

Novelties are highlights in collection, fashion display, fashion house and spotlights in catwalk, fashion model, fashion coordinator by market leader.

We passed USA, EU allowance criterion.
We met New EU Standard Test.
We retain OEKO-TEX Test Report Standard 100/1(products for babies and small children) from TESTEX.

We obtain 19 Test Reports of Rhinestone, Octagon, Nail Head, Half Round, Epoxy Pearl, Convex for Heavy metals contents Test and Appearance after washing Test by 30 times trials from SGS, KOTITI.

We attained world-class MC(Machine Cut).
Both Strong glue and Grey glue.
Glue is still more softened,sophisticated and enhancement of Motif work-effectiveness

Sparkle tones follow up Swarovski tones.
We plan never-ending improvement by in-depth R&D.

Tailored to customer demand on Hot Fix Setting Machines.
We gain CE Mark and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and QC 9000.

Customized production for Motif by high-tech laser cutting machine, engraving machine.
Within Motif we use supreme materials.

AMAZING head the Hot Fix industry and take the lead in popularizing fashionable, posh ton.

Hot Fix beautify outmoded costumes and accessories into modish, glaring, stunning chic.

Ours qualify lady,fashionista to be dressed to kill and for the go-go social set.
Hot Fix attached trendy are in the classy limelight and stand out as the belle.

Sensual glitz allure shopper, boutiquier, salonist, gentry to fall into ecstasy, addiction,euphoria.
Lovers are charmed by magic of bling.

Picturesque panorama of dazzling psychedelia and showy extravaganza from sensuous gem with noblesse oblige of pageant by venus of Hot Fix to El Dorado.

Fairy-tale symphony of flamboyant halo and florescent bouquet and sublime galaxy with patrician tastes of salon for Utopia.

Payment : advance TT
Delivery : 3 days on arrival of TT

MOQ : 5 bags
QC standard
Staffs : over 20

Export Standard Packng : polyvinyl, carton, box, special package paper
Machine : vacuum wooden packing, pallet
International norms

Prices are variable according to exchange rate and amount.
Sample, color card, catalogue, demo video : collect

AMAZING manage by game theory and economies of scale.
We crave for long-lasting co-prosperity.

One-stop Solution Provider.
Total Fashion Producer
Hot Fix Stylist.
Trendsetter of Boutique and Salon.

Pl give e-mail address,
Welcome chatting.

We keep our fingers crossed.
God bless you and Amazing Grace!
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South Korea
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#1212 , 1701 , ZuGong 17 Complex , Chang-4 Dong ,, DoBong-Gu , zip. 132-787
Seoul City, ID
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