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My name is Hermo Malaguit, the inventor of Sink Magic PSWD.

The concept for SinkMagic™ – Portable Sink Water Diverter was born at the time when the I was handed the responsibility of being a stay-at-home dad, when my wife decided to go back to college and pursue her academic endeavor.I didn’t like dishwashing ever since I was a little kid, but now I simply had no choice! For me, dishwashing was tedious, boring, and disgusting because the dirty water was just too gross! As a short term solution, we tried using all sorts of disposable plates and wares to alleviate the accumulation of dirty dishes. Using the early prototype of the gadget made dishwashing fast and easy so there was no more need to use disposable plates and other stuffs! I once lamented, “Everybody’s got to eat! (2 to 3X per day!) There must be an easier, much better way to tackle dirty dishes!” That was the “Eureka“ moment! I experimented on many prototypes and arrived on the final finished product now called SinkMagic™ PSWD– Portable Sink Water Diverter! Thank goodness, with SinkMagic™ there is now a better way! I figured out what many people have done for ages, that is, to “soak the dirty dishes” enough to loosen and soften the food residues for easy cleaning!

It would be an awesome sight to see millions of people using Sink Magic PSWD and the positive impact it will serve saving a huge amount of water, and how it will preserve the environment!

I care a lot for the environment that's why I would like to request all concerned individuals to do their share in this planned conservation effort by supporting the Sink Magic PSWD project, and as a bonus, save a lot of time and money for yourself! This campaign is important for me because we can change the direction from unknowing daily water wastage to collective water conservation.


Saving 365 hours per year using our device can save you over $3000 per year of lost time spent on washing dishes!

SinkMagicTM is a new and innovative time and water-saving product. No one wants to spend all day washing dishes, and SinkMagicTM quickly solves this problem by taking a mundane chore, and turning it into a quick and fun experience. SinkMagicTM can quickly help you wash dishes with or without a dishwasher. SinkMagicTM is so simple and easy to use anyone can get started right away! It saves you time and money by avoiding unnecessary dishwasher loads. It’s such an easy product to use that even your kids won’t mind helping with the dishes anymore!

Convenience – Wash on your own time! SinkMagicTM lets you wash the dishes whenever you want or right after you use them.

Time Saving – Cuts your dishwashing time in half! By eliminating most scrubbing, SinkMagicTM makes doing dishes a snap!

Money Saving – Forget using disposable dishes because you don’t want to spend your day cleaning.
With SinkMagicTM , doing the dishes will be so fast you’ll never need to get disposable dishes again.

Eco-Friendly – By spending less time washing dishes you save water and help conserve our precious resources.

Kid-Friendly - No sink overflowing! Easy to use SinkMagicTM means no mess while kids learn how to wash dishes.

Clean home – You can come home every day to the joy of a clean kitchen, because SinkMagic makes
doing the dishes so quick and easy.

SinkMagicTM is very easy to use! Just wet the SinkMagicTM, plug the drain, and go! You can either soak your dishes for later or wash immediately. Your choice! Once SinkMagicTM is placed in your sink drain, it collects the water and creates a sink basin and then recycles the water to be used a second time around before being discarded!

KISS Methodology- Keeping It Super Simple, now, all you have to do is:

1. Soap 2. Rinse 3. And Stack away!

Using a typical drain plug causes many problems that SinkMagicTM easily solves. Instead of reaching your hand down into cold, dirty, and greasy water to release and reposition the drain plug, with SinkMagicTM the water drains and replenishes itself and you’ll never need to reach into a dirty sink again. Think about never having to worry about getting cut by a sharp knife or get your arms covered in greasy water. It’s safer, plus this saves time and effort! SinkMagic will revolutionize the way you wash dishes forever!
Don’t let another day go by where you needlessly slave-away over the kitchen sink. There is no better time than right now to save money and time by putting a SinkMagicTM in your home. Start living better and working less, order your own SinkMagicTM today!
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