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Product Description

ELEHEAT's heated footwear is effective in keeping your feet warm and comfortable in winter when the weather gets cold. Heated shoes, heated insoles, and heated socks have built-in heaters that provide extra warmth to keep your feet warm for a long time. They are ideal for people who work and exercise in outdoor environment for a long time in winter. In winter, if your feet will not be blood circulation, it is more important to try heated footwear. Heated footwear promotes blood circulation in the feet while warming them, which is good for your health.

Different Types Of Heated Shoes for Sale

EH-S-007 Heated Ski Boots For Men Women

Sports / Casual / Hunting / Uniform

Features Of Heated Shoes

Advantages Of Electric Heated Shoes

Can Be Washed

Electric heated shoes have a waterproof design and can be put into water for cleaning. Hand washable and machine washable.

Heating And Warmth

Heated footwear with built-in heating element heating piece and small lithium battery, using mature heating technology, intelligent heating, safe and warm.

Intelligent Temperature Control

Heated footwear has 3 levels of temperature control, the temperature is regulated by a small remote control.

High-End Materials, Comfortable And Wearable

The use of soft, skin-friendly materials, soft and warm to wear, but also breathable, moisture absorption, perspiration, antibacterial. Heated shoes are snowproof and waterproof, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Heated Footwear FAQ


Are Heated Shoes Safe


The majority of heated shoes are safe for regular use. However, an important consideration with any item of heated clothing is the risk of getting the battery pack wet in the rain or snow. Therefore, caution is needed when wearing heated footwear in wet environments.

Moreover, some heated shoes have had issues in the past with overheating. As a result, it's important that you always follow the manufacturer's recommendations when using your socks to prevent any accidental injuries that result from keeping the temperature set too high.

How Do You Wash Heated Shoes


Most battery heated shoes need to be hand-washed in warm water, please check the manufacturer's recommendations before starting the washing process. Generally, you need to remove the heated shoe' battery pack, hand wash in warm water, and then hang the socks to prevent any damage to their sensitive internal wiring.

How do you use heated insoles


For best results, use heated shoes in a cold environment with insulated boots. You are less likely to feel the heat output in a warm environment outside of heated footwear. For a better fit, remove the insoles currently in your footwear if removable, and replace them with heated shoe.

How to Charge and Recharge Heated Insoles


1. Set the ON/OFF Switch on the back of each heated shoe to the left OFF position.

2. Plug the charger into an electrical outlet; the LED light on the charger will glow green.

3. Plug the charger cables into each Insole Recharge Port located at the heel of each Insole. Once the connections are established, the charger LED light will glow red indicating that the charging process is ongoing.

4. Charge the heated shoe until the LED light glows green with brief flashes of red, indicating that the Insoles are fully charged.

5. Unplug the Global Charger and remove the cables from each Insole. The Heated Insoles are now ready for use.
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