Cleanbrush, Inc.
Cleanbrush, Inc.
4516 dakota point ct
Phone: 407-285-5432
kissimmee, FL 34746
United States
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"SPRAY AND SIT®" is a toilet seat sanitizer, a convenient and effective solution for women to feel protected and secured every time they use a public restroom. It come in a Spray bottle(2 Oz Fl) TSA approved can be taken everywhere anywhere.
A revolution in personal hygiene & protection for the 21st century, Spray & Sit® is your answer to that age old question:
“Who was here before?
There are 250 million women in USA market that has the power to have Spray And Sit® in their hands not only for themselves but for their beloved ones, too. Just simply Spray, wipe and Sit and the toilet will be sanitized immediately. How we know it works because of a device called the ATP meter, currently is being used in the restaurant kitchens in order to measure how sanitizes and clean is an specific area.
MSRP $3.99 Wholesale Price, $2.25 Gross Margin %43.61.
Incremental sales product is unique. Impulsive price $3.99. Currently selling on Ebay for $9.99.
You can find more about us at: (WEBSITE)
So what do we have to do in order to get your business?
Thank you for your consideration
Havier & the "SprayAndSit" team
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Cleanbrush, Inc.
United States
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4516 dakota point ct, Phone: 407-285-5432
kissimmee, FL 34746