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Quality Gift items for members of the family or to give bridal or baby gifts. This is a new store and not on line as a store yet. I am looking for QUALITY gifts for Baby, Mom, Dad, Children and Teens. I want to link to dropshippers and also design and package darling "basket" type gifts which will be eye popping wrapped when removed from shipping box. Next I shall try the same for weddings, a limited choice of quality gifts, $50.00 up completely gift wrapped in the finest wrappings. The intent is to have quaity gifts from $35.00 +- up for the professional or hurried gift buyer. The choices will be limited to 10 per catagory
to begin with. Hopefully they will be the cream of the selections of that type. Wedding: Crystal Decorative & functional bowls, etc.
High end appliances, QUALITY linnens, etc. For BABY a tower
of beautiful as well as useful baby items with safe hugable stuffed toys. All pages and items will be such that a child of any age can watch as you order and not have anything that would embarrase or shock a child, a true "G" rated site. Beautiful, quality
and reasonably priced for the quality and service given. I am shopping to find amazing items at best prices before I stock my store. I do not want quantity for the sake of number, but quality for the sake of easy shopping and knowing the gift will be what is advertised. I have found stocking my store is more difficult than I had thought. I find plenty of cheap things, but not quality. I feel I may need to purchase from each firm to be sure of the quality. If you know how I should go about this, I would greatly appreciate your help. I am a retired educator, grandmother who
may be on a pipe dream, but without a dream (perhaps a vission) nothing is done. Many the time I needed a gift and my time was so limited just giving a gift was stressful. I want to help those in that situation beable to give with less stress envolved. And when the Thank You Note arrives (if it does come) it has sincere thanks for a lovely, quality, & thoughtful gift. I realize for all practical matters I missed this holiday season, but when I do open I want things to be truly ready to roll. Time I have, money to hire sites build I spent or was cheated out of a large sum. So I shall build the site, slowly as a snail if necessary. But as your gardener can attest that slow snail surely does get around the garden! You probably wanted a serious business plan, not one as I have written, but that is as far as I have gone. The next question wants the full URL including http://. You can reach my site with or without all the http://www. I am not computer litterate enough to understand why I can get there with the entire URL or with www. or just the name, but I do get there. I have sold on eBay, but I want to pursue my dream now. There are Mom and Pop stores, this is just mom spending many hours each day bringing this to reality. I hope you do deal with little businesses!
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11439 S. Iroquois Drive
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