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M10 Solar Cell

M10 Solar Cell
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Product Description

Compared with the existing product span, equipment, process, auxiliary material maturity, production line upgrading difficulty, current product yield, and other factors, the M10 cell busbar P-type bifacial half-cut is the best size to achieve ultra-high power modules, more mature industrial ecology, fewer transportation problems.

Higher Generation Process Of The Modules

The M10 cell P-type bificial half cut solar cell could provide up to 30% of the gain in the generation process of the modules, as for the half cut cell technology has a higher conversion efficiency than the full piece.

Lower Rated Operating Temperature

Compared with the full cell modules, the temperature of the half-cut solar cell module is 2-3 degrees lower, and the hot spot temperature is 10-20 degrees lower.

Lower Shadow Shielding Loss

M10 cell has a lower shadow shielding loss.

Applications of the M10 Solar Cells

Sunrise M10 cell is mainly used for Aquaman series solar modules. It supports single-sided, double-sided, and all-black customization requirements. The size can be provided according to the installation scene, such as 108 cells, 120 cells, 144 cells, 156 cells, etc. After high-precision packaging The maximum module power is 595w.In distributed photovoltaic systems, medium and large ground power stations have mature applications. Compared with conventional modules, M10 modules are the optimal size to match the market.

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