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Automatic Polaroid polarizer attach equipmentmachine for LCD repair

Automatic Polaroid polarizer attach equipmentmachine for LCD repair
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Product Description

Polarizer attached machine?

polarizerattach machine,

Automatic Polaroid polarizer attach equipmentmachine for LCD repair,

polarized film Laminator Machine,

fastest film laminate machine for LCD screens refurbish

POL film laminating machine?

Polaroid film machine?

Polarizer film laminating machine?

POL film laminating machines?

Polaroid film machines?

Polarizer Attach machines?

China suppliers Automatic TFT LCD glass polarizing film laminating machine

Universal OCA Laminating Machine Polarizing Film Laminating Machine Protective Film Laminating Machine

Universal OCA Laminator without Mould /LCD Refurbish /Repair Machine for Laminate OCA, Polarized Film on Touch Screen of iPhone

Automatic OCA laminator laminating machine for protective film, OCA tape, and polarizer film up to 8 inch

Attention Film polarizer Laminating Machine for Mobile Phones Universal OCA

Automatic laminator soft to rigid for attach OCA film, protective film, polarizer film

All-powerful laminating lining machine for polarizer all kindf of phones Polarizer POL polaroid protective film with mould

1?About the application field of POL film laminating machine XCP65-T1?

Polarized light pressure film machine is widely used in the big size production and maintenance of all kinds of within 80 inch LCD screen and display panel ;Such as LCD TV, LCD, laptop manufacturer, etc.

2?About the basic parameters of POL film laminating machine XCP65-T1?

2.1 Input supply? 7-inch HMI

2.2 Applicable size?within 80 inches (can be customized)

2.3 Parameters of storage ?500 group

2.4 Vacuum processing? External vacuum

2.5 Program control ?PLC controller +servo controller

2.6 Approach of combined? 120 degrees turn pasting, Synchronous tear film

2.7 Body main material ? aluminum of high strength electrophoresis

2.8 Environmental processing? FFU high efficiency filters

2.9 Input Supply? AC220V 50 - 60HZ

2.10 Rated power? 0.75KW

2.11 Pressure treatment ?0.01 - 0.8Mpa pointer valve adjustment

3?About the functions and characteristics of POL film laminating machine XCP65-T1?

3.1 the unique structural design of bonding can meet requirements of the flat (within 80-inch) lamination process .

3.2 soft and hard board is bonded to the tear membrane (protective film) simultaneously.

3.3 Polaroid adsorption classes skillfully designed to ensure hundred percent adsorbed a large area firm and flat.

3.4 super long design of plastic wheel, with no deformation, anti-static, elastic foot, large contact area and so on.

3.5 Use Japan control system, human-machine interface, high precision servo system and high-precision machine parts can meet the requirements of various large area Laminating process .

3.6 Pasting smooth, no bubbles, without wrinkles. 99.5% of the products after pasting with no need for defoaming.

3.7 Imported motor drive imported optical fiber induction positioning.

3.8 Imported PLC control, touch screen human-machine interface, set up the parameters simple and intuitive view ,convenient easy to operate, can set up to modify the parameters and stored many sets of parameters which pasting different products required.

3.9 Overall structure of the machine humane, safe, nice.
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