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Clear PVC Fitting

Clear PVC Fitting
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Product Description

Suzhou Verygreen New Material Co., LTD is a clear pvc pipe manufacturer specialized in the development and production of clear pvc pipe. Our clear pvc pipe has high transparency and acid corrosion resistance, the products are mainly suitable for the industry such like semiconductor, biological medicine, liquid crystal panels, solar energy, environmental protection equipment and so on, the products can be used as a protection tube or directly pipeline of transport corrosive liquids, the pipe has smooth internal wall for avoidance of scale and good visibility to be easily inspected the exception to avoid the liquid leakage danger.


Clear transparent PVC plastic pipe fittings used with the transparent pipe, which ensures the whole pipeline system all reach good visibility and reduce visual blind spots; the clear transparent pipe fittings are bonding with transparent glue so the whole process is convenient and quick construction, the bonding area has good visibility and sealing performance to ensure the chemical liquids won't leak or evaporate through the connection as well. The clear pvc pipe schedule 80 and schedule 40 clear pvc pipe are both available.

Clear PVC Coupler

VERYGREEN can offer high-quality Clear PVC Couplers to meet your different needs.

Clear PVC Elbow

VERYGREEN can offer high-quality Clear PVC Elbows to meet your different needs.

Clear PVC Tee

VERYGREEN can offer high-quality Clear PVC Tees to meet your different needs.

Clear PVC Male Adapter

VERYGREEN can offer high-quality Clear PVC Male Adapters to meet your different needs.

Clear PVC 45° Elbow

VERYGREEN can offer high-quality Clear Pvc 45° Elbow to meet your different needs.

Differences between Schedule 40/80 Clear PVC Pipe Fittings

The schedule is abbreviated as Sch and is called the pipe table number. The large clear pvc pipe fittings table number is the ratio of the clear pipe fittings design pressure to the allowable stress of the material at the design temperature multiplied by 1000 and rounded. That is Sch?P/?t×1000. ANSI B36.10 wall thickness grade: Sch10, Sch20, Sch30, Sch40, Sch60, Sch80, Sch100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160 ten grades. The difference between schedule 40 clear PVC pipe and clear PVC pipe schedule 80 is the thickness, schedule 80 is thicker than schedule 40.

Advantages of Clear PVC Fitting


Good physical and chemical properties. The clear PVC pipe and fittings have corrosion resistance, high impact strength and low fluid resistance the flow rate is 30% higher than that of cast iron pipes of the same diameter. Clear PVC pipe and fittings are resistant to aging and has a long service life.


Lightweight and practical, easy to install. The weight is only 1/7 of the cast iron pipe of the same caliber, which can greatly accelerate the progress of the project and reduce the construction cost.


The inner wall of clear PVC pipe fittings is smooth, the drainage is smooth, and the pipeline is not easy to be blocked. The inspection port has a unique design and is easy to operate without any tools.


Save construction costs. The overall cost of clear plastic pipe fittings is lower than that of using cast iron pipes of the same specification, and the maintenance cost is also lower.
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