Swayam Foods
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Swayam Foods
16 Kaveri Avenue
State Bank Colony
Salem, TN
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We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as an innovative food technology company and we are looking forward to do business with your esteemed organization.

Start a Delicious Revolution on Your Table With Healthy #1!
In today’s busy world, most of us do not find the time to cook and end up eating out which usually means junk food. Besides, piling up the calories, their nutritional value is low. To make matters worse, here are hygiene issues to be addressed as well.

Healthy#1 is a brand new food concept from Swayam foods which brings together the joy ofhome-cooked food with the convenience of having it off the shelf. Each pack of Healthy #1 is a tasty and nutritious meal. Each pack contains boiled pulses or vegetables with a Y-Mix! Masala. The contents of the pack are pre-boiled, all you need to do is place the vacuum sealed pouch in boiling water for a few minutes or microwave for few seconds and in a jiffy you have a whole some dish, The Sauté or Masala is tangy and spicy and allows you to customize the dish the way you want.

The Delicious Taste of Purity
Healthy #1 currently offers Sweet Corn, Classic White Peas Sundal, White Chenna and Groundnut. Unlike other ready-to-use products which contain preservatives, we use no preservatives. Instead, we use the latest technology to preserve the original fresh taste.

On the anvil are Rajma, Channa, Kabuli Channa, Groundnut, Black Dal, Moong Dal, Musoor Dal,Tur Dal, White peas, Sprouted Channa, Sweet Corn and Baked Beans. These farm fresh products are sourced from in and around Salem, from the foothills of the Shevaroy Hills.

The Technology Thrust
Cutting edge technology helps us preserve the quality and freshness of our food. We use the thermal sterilisation process which ensures the stability of the Ready-to-Eat foods by destroying all harmful micro-organisms. This process enhances the shelf life of the food products at room temperature without destroying their nutritional value or adding any preservatives and additives.


World Class Packaging
After making the best products, we believe it’s important that they reach you as fresh and delicious as we pack them. We use high quality packaging material and a special packaging called Retort pouches. These are flexible packages made from multi-layered plastic films and are heat resistant. Our manufacturing processes are under way to get the HACCP/BRC and ISO certification.

A Dream Fueled By Passion
Swayam Foods was founded by two entrepreneurs Mr.Janardhan Swahar and Mr.Vijay Reddy who wanted to revolutionize the existing food product industry with new innovations. They started out as typical denizens of the corporate world but decided to move out and blaze a new path for themselves in the food industry. They have received a grant under the TePP program of the Government of India.

CURRENT Range of Healthy# 1
There are 5 Varieties of products in South India:
1. Healthy#1 Sweet Corn Whole COB (Single)
2. Healthy#1 Sweet Corn Whole COB (Double)
3. Healthy#1 Ground nuts
4. Healthy#1 Sweet Corn Kernels
5. Healthy#1 White Channa
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Swayam Foods
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16 Kaveri Avenue, State Bank Colony
Salem, TN