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Fischer tropsch wax

Fischer tropsch wax
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Product Description

Fischer Tropsch wax is mainly composed of linear and saturated high carbon alkanes with relative molecular weight of 500-1000, which gives this chemical fine crystal structure, high melting point, narrow melting point range, low oil content, low penetration, low mobility, low melting viscosity, hardness, wear resistance and high stability.


1.Plastics industry

Fischer Tropsch wax can be used as an external lubricant for PVC. Low viscosity can improve the production speed of products, contribute to the dispersion of pigments and fillers during mixing, especially in the extrusion of high viscosity system, and can significantly improve the surface gloss of products.

2.Ink and coating

The use of Fischer Tropsch wax as particulate powder in ink can improve the wear resistance and wrinkle resistance of applied materials. When applied to the coating, it can play the wrinkle effect, and can form the wrinkle effect of stripes and water lines when used in the micro powder state.


Fischer Tropsch wax is an ideal synthetic wax for EVA hot melt adhesive. High melting point wax can improve the heat resistance and quick drying of the adhesive.

Properties Unit SYT-52 SYT-60 SYT-70 SYT-80 SYT-85 SYT-95 SYT-105 SYT-115

Drop melting point ºC ?50 ?62 - 80-86 ?85 ?97 ?102 112-117

Congealing point ºC 48-55 58-68 65-78 - - - - 98-102

Oil content % ?20 ?7 ?3.5 ?3 ?6 ?1 ?1 ?0.5

Penetration 0.1mm ?50 ?25 ?18 ?18 ?10 ?5 ?4 ?1
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