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Renewable energy is the revolution for world energy, but it is not stable and controllable. That's why green energy batteries are introduced to resolve the problem. Tianneng Energy Storage Battery is designed to adapt to different situations when dealing with renewable energy. The floating and cycling performance of this lead-acid cell series are vital for batteries used in renewable energy systems as batteries are used as a transfer space for solar or wind at most times and waited for release when it is needed. In regions with poor grid systems, the TNC energy storage cell series is perfect when you can not guarantee the China solar batteries are fully charged and the carbon material inside will maintain a remarkable performance even at the partial status of chargePSOC situation.

Series Name Product Gradient Rated Voltage/V Nominal Capacity Capacity Range/Ah Design Life/25?

TN standard 4V?6V?12V C20 ?38 3?5 years

6V?12V C10 38?250 6?9 years

2V C10 200?3000 10?12 years

TNG standard 12V C10 7.0?250 8?12 years

2V C10 200?3000 12?16 years


selection 12V C10 50?200 60%DOD 3600 times

2V C10 100?2500 60%DOD 4500 times

TNCP 12V C10 65?200 60%DOD 2600 times

TN Series-General Purpose AGM Battery

The TN Series of reserve power battery is a general-purpose valve-regulated lead-acid VRLA AGM battery that combines TN power's industry scale and advanced equipment together to provide highly reliable services at the most competitive price.

TNG Series-General Purpose GEL Battery

Integrating patent nano gel electrolyte with up-to-date AGM structure, the TNG solar gel batteries have 12 years of service life and they are suitable for telecom outdoor application, renewable energy system, and other harsh environment applications.

TNC Series-Lead Carbon Pb-C Battery - TNC Series

Adopting the lead-carbon technology, TNC solar-powered batteries provide not only high energy density but also high power, rapid charge, and discharge, longer cycle life.

Is It Worth Getting Batteries For Solar

The answer to this question is a big YES! Using solar energy storage batteries can greatly reduce your electricity bill in areas where electricity is expensive, provide effective power supply in areas where electricity is unstable or not available, and also help you to make your own contribution to the protection of our mother earth. While choosing the solar-powered rechargeable batteries, you should pay attention to three factors: the place you are gonna install the solar energy batteries, the technical specifications, such as power range, design life, and so on, of the batteries, and the after-sale services provided by the solar energy battery manufacturers. As one of the professional lead China solar battery manufacturers, Tianneng Holding Group can provide you with China storage battery with consistently high quality. Feel free to contact us at any time.
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