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Tianneng Battery focuses on developing, manufacturing, and selling highly reliable lithium-ion batteries, modules, and high-end lithium-ion battery storage systems for China and the global market. In the future, Tianneng Battery has planned a high-performance lithium-ion battery project, with a large-scale production capacity of 18 GWh, adopting advanced technology and management methods, development, production, and sales to produce premium batteries to meet customer requirements. The industrial rechargeable lithium cells will mainly be used for markets like global energy storage systems, the common transportation, global electric vehicle market, 5G telecom, and communications systems integration business; Tianneng Battery is committed to becoming the world's leading high-performance lithium-ion battery manufacturing company with large factory solutions provider.



Tianneng Group produces both high-quality cylindrical and pouch lithium batteries with NCM and LFP technology. From material research to cell production, we take every step with strict simulation and configuration to secure the heart of the power you need.


Tianneng Battery's lithium deep cycle battery is flexibly designed with a dedicated battery management system BMS, which can easily adapt to the various requirements with different energy levels and structural forms.

TMLiN Series-E-moped Li-ion Pack NCM

TMLiF Series-E-tricycle Li-ion Pack LFP

TRLiFP Series-Industrial Li-ion Pack LFP

TRLiFM Series-Industrial Li-ion Module LFP

What Is The Difference Between A Lithium Battery And A Regular Battery

?Comparing to the regular battery, the lithium batteries for sale have a higher energy-to-weight ratio and energy-to-volume ratio.

?With the small self-discharge, lithium-ion batteries can be stored for a longer time, which is the most prominent advantage of this type of battery;

?Different from the regular battery, the number of lithium battery charge/discharge cycles is far more than 500 times;

?It can be charged quickly. Lithium battery can usually be charged with 0.5 1 times the capacity of the current so that the charging time is shortened to 1 2 hours;

?Lastly, as the lithium-ion battery packs do not contain cadmium, lead, mercury, and other heavy metal elements, they will make no pollution to the environment, thereby making themselves the most advanced eco-friendly battery;

Lithium Ion Battery Replacement for Lead Acid

There are many scenarios in which power lithium battery can replace the lead-acid, and the matters needing attention in various scenarios are different, which are usually considered from the following aspects:

?Charging: the charging voltage of the lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery is different, and the charging voltage and charging current of power supply equipment supporting the battery should be adjusted to the working range of lithium deep cycle battery;

?Discharge: Lithium battery comes with BMS or protection board, the maximum discharge current of load should not be greater than the protection current of Lithium battery BMS;

?Series and parallel: the lead-acid accumulator cell is simple to use, can be used in any series, no more than 4 groups in parallel; The lithium deep cycle battery has internal electronic components, series and parallel need to consult the manufacturer, otherwise the high voltage and circulation current may cause the components to burn out.

?Protection level: the protection level of lead-acid batteries is high, which can generally reach IP67; The protection level of lithium batteries vary greatly from IP20 to IP68, so it is necessary to consider whether the power lithium battery can be replaced from the application scenarios.

Why Choose Rechargeable Lithium Batteries at Tianneng Group

Versatile Products Line

Both NCM and LFP, both cylindrical and punch power lithium battery

Whole Process of Quality Control

Life-cycle management and improvement on quality

Abundant Production Capacity

As a professional Chinese lithium battery manufacturer, Tianneng Battery can produce 1 million rechargeable lithium batteries per day.


Q. What advantages do lithium-ion batteries have compared to other rechargeable batteries-

A.Lithium-ion batteries are much smaller or lighter than other rechargeable batteries, and the rechargeable lithium cells stay a longer service life than others.

Q. What are the applications for lithium-ion batteries

A.Industrial lithium-ion batteries can be replaced in any application that originally used lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, GEL batteries, or nickel-cadmium batteries.

Q. Is there anything I should pay attention to if I replace lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries

A.With the same capacity and the charging parameters, lithium-ion battery is much smaller in size.

Q. Are lithium-ion batteries have more risk of
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