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Ofish Store
jl i gusti ngurah rai no. 18
Tulungagung, JT
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Ofish Store - Indonesia. We are exporter of tropical fish and ornamental fish from Indonesia. We provide many different types of ornamental fish and tropical fish that are very popular in the world.

We have a relationship of cooperation with a lot of breeders and suppliers of fish.
our fish such us: arowana, gold fish, discus, betta fish, cichlid, tetra fish, barb fish, angel fish, clown fish, guppy, gurami, molly, platy, predator fish, sword tail, catfish, shark tail fish.

We have a procedure for the quality of a high standard. We guarantee the quality of the fish in good health and a good quality when you receive them.

Of course we will give you the best prices, competitive and reasonable.

our price list: https://db.tt/uozGaCVI

If you have any questions, please contact me and let's talk detail.

Email: info@ofishstore.com, sales@ofishstore.com

Phone: +62 856-3514-308

Whatsapp: +62 888-3539-564

BBM PIN: 7D08B937

Visit our website: http://ofishstore.com/
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Ofish Store
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jl i gusti ngurah rai no. 18
Tulungagung, JT