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Hazardous substances, chemical testing service

Hazardous substances, chemical testing service
USD 50.00 - 100.00

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With changes of environment, more and more government organizations realize that the controlling of environment pollution from the back-end(the post-processing at the end of production’s life) cannot fully improve the quality of environment, and the safety of environment is facing serious threaten and challenge. Under such a situation, international organizations and national institutions are putting forward the ecological safety requirements of productions. July I,2006, EU formally implemented its requirement about forbidden the using of hazardous substances such as RoHS in electronic products. December 2006, EU finally adopted a bill requiring a unified implementation of chemicals management, which puts the controlling of hazardous substances and potentially hazardous substances into a higher level. China, the United States, Canada,Japan, South Korea and India have complied and completed the relevant legislative management work of hazardous substances, and made relevant requirements for the productions in the market.

UTS, based on its plenty of experience in testing skill and material properties, provides below special service to validate and ensure the compliance of your products.

RoHS(Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr(VI),PBB,PBDE)




Halogen Free



Formaldehyde release
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