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Aircraft exterior cleaning mop aviation wash melamine sponge

Aircraft exterior cleaning mop  aviation wash melamine sponge
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Product Description

Aircraft cleaning sponge are the best cleaning applicator from aircraft exteriors and interiors. They are aggressive in removing all types of soil without damage to metal and painted surfaces. Even high gloss paints retain their shine!, Safe for any aircraft surface.

Micro-fibres: with water only, Superior Cleaning

Deep cleaning: No detergent, safe for any aircraft surface

Aviation cleaning melamine mop is made of melamine foam with PU sponge ??and raised cloth. One side is a buckle that can firmly adhere to the mop. The other side is the powerful cleaning melamine. Adopt microfiber technology, purely physical cleaning, it needs water only and can quickly clean the aircraft shell dirt due to the fuel combustion gas and various suspended particles in the air, and the sky and clouds.

Aircraft cleaning melamine mop is a new aircraft Shell cleaning tool which greatly improves work efficiency.

Easy clean off stubborn dirt such as smoke, dust, oil, carbon, oxides, etc. It not damage the paint surface of the fuselage.


In-depth cleaning: only water is needed to remove dirt.

Repair scratches: micro-fiber, leaving no scratches.

This aircraft melamine mop which is energy-saving and water-saving, it improves work efficiency. Suitable for aircraft casings cleaning, especially scratches on the abdomen, wings, vertical tail and fuselage of aircraft, smoke, dirt, grease, oxides or carbon deposits and other stubborn dirt. It can also be used to clean high-speed trains, subways, and yachts.
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