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Intelligent Disinfection and Cleaning Robots

Intelligent Disinfection and Cleaning Robots
RMB 140000.00 - 300000.00

Product Description

At present, intelligent uv sterilization robots have entered a period of rapid development, playing a very important role in all walks of life. And autonomous uvc mobile robot realizes economic and social value for mankind. As Zhou Haizhong, country's well-known scholar of uv light robot sanitizer field, predicted in the article On Robots published in 1990: With the advancement of science and technology, especially the development of artificial intelligence and robotics, the era of autonomous uv disinfection robot is coming; autonomous disinfection robots will show their talents in all walks of life, to promote the transformation of our work and life. Thus, we Blue Point Robotics, as an expert of uv light robot cleaner manufacturing, have developed uvc disinfecting robots and uvc cleaning robots, to be applied to all aspects of human production and life, help improve living quality. As a robot disinfection machine factory, we also provide other kinds of uv sanitation robots, such as ultraviolet disinfection robots, hyper light disinfection robots, germ killing robots and so on. And the disinfection robot price is affordable for customers. Also our uvc robots prices are competitive in the market. If you want to buy uv sterilizer robots, or know more about sanitization robots, please feel free to contact us.

UVC Disinfection Robot

The UV disinfectant robots are fully automated systems, to provide rapid, chemical-free and hospital-level disinfection for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, transportation hubs, shopping malls and other public places. The whole process carried out by robot uv sanitizers does not need any manual intervention.

Spray Disinfection Robot

Spray disinfection robot is an artificial intelligence product based on the traditional spray disinfection machine, which can realize 24 hours unattended, human and machine coexistence, and intelligent disinfection.

Advantage of Intelligent Disinfection and Cleaning Robots


Intelligent disinfection and cleaning robots play an important role in the epidemic

Out of concerns about the transmission characteristics of the corona virus, all walks of life are committed to finding alternative solutions for face-to-face and close human services during the epidemic, and robots that are not afraid of the virus have become the best choice for people in many situations. Blue Point robots can not only replace humans in disinfection and cleaning work during the epidemic, and protect humans from infection, but also create a safer production and living environment for humans.


Intelligent disinfection and cleaning robots help reduce labor burden and improve work efficiency

Although manual cleaning is still the main cleaning method of most enterprises and institutions, the fatigue and negligence of the employees on repetitive tasks have caused negative cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. The application of intelligent robots in all walks of life and in various environments can not only reduce the workload of manual cleaning or disinfection, liberate humans from repetitive, complex, tedious, and dangerous manual labor, and speed up work, but also achieve more perfect work effect than manual cleaning or disinfection.
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