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Super Boat

Super Boat
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Product Description


The Super Boat could also be called upside down carnival ride, attracts the attention of the majority of visitors with its unique shape, elegant decoration, and colorful lights. When the Super Boat is in operation, the two rotating arms swing in opposite directions around the horizontal axis, and the swing angle gradually increases to 360 °. The cabin rotates clockwise or counterclockwise along the central axis. Passengers rotate along with the spinning as if sometimes rush to the blue sky, and sometimes fall into the deep valley. People deeply feel thrilling and exciting during the ride. Because of the strong stimulation, it usually attracts teenagers and adults who are adventurous.


There arises a great storm on the sea so that a boat is being swamped by the waves, making passengers feel dizzy. If you want to experience this feeling in an amusement park, then come and play the super boat! Surrounded by music fountains, you can feel the world is turned upside down through various liftings, droppings, tumbling, and standstills.

The super boat is a large-scale inverting and tumbling amusement rides. Take the super boat in the Happy Valley theme park, for example, it goes from slow to fast and then starts to tumble and rollover based on a certain speed. Meters-long sweeping arms are attached to a central tower. At the base of each sweep is a car carrying two people who are going to experience roll-overs. Under the influence of inertia and centrifugal force, there’s no pattern for all the seat-movements, which means that maybe a 360-degree roll-over follows right after a series of fast spins. Here, you can fully enjoy the happiness of head-downs. It is a good option for thrill-seekers!

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