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Zipline is a new form of entertainment, known as extreme sports. Passengers slide along the track using gravity and glide from height to low place quickly. Full of speed and excitement, it can easily cross valleys, rivers, lakes and other areas, allowing passengers to experience the novel feeling of flying through the sky. It has been very popular with tourists, especially young people.


A zipline consists of a reinforced concrete plinth, two gates, lifting appliances including bungee cords and sliding cars, which can be divided into two-wheel type and four-wheel type, or with and without braking system, buffer devices, protection devices, reclaimer devices for lifting appliances, a carrying cable and a pulling cable. As a new recreation sport, it is also famous for its extreme-sport characters. A passenger, with soft lifting appliances on, is suspended below a sliding car and lowers down along two steel ropes under the influence of gravity. It is a sport of zip slide that is filled with speed and thrills; it is a sport that easily overcome obstacles like valleys, rivers and lakes; it is a sport that offer you a chance to use a primitive way to fly across the sea and cliffs. Besides, there is zip lining for kids designed. Therefore, impressed by this brand-new experience, tourists, especially young people, are more than willing to take a zipline for a ride.

A zipline is designed to enable a person propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable in scenic spots. It is also known as “aerial runway” or “flying fox”, from which we can know that it is thrilling and safe. Without any strict training, people can have the access to get close to the nature and admire its beauty. No wonder some people also call it “aerial treasure”. As a kind of transportation which can overcome various geological obstacles like mountains and rivers and provide tourists with appealing chances to admire the beauty of nature, zipline is an ideal option for scenic spots and forest parks.

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