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Die Grinder Bits Carbide Tooling Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Die Grinder Bits Carbide Tooling Tungsten Carbide Burrs
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Extension tube for each pieces
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5 Pieces

Product Description

Die Grinder Bits Carbide Tooling Tungsten carbide burrs

1. The Description of Tungsten Carbide Burr:

Carbide rotary burr is used with high-speed electric grinders orpneumatic tools,

which are widely used in industrial sectors such asmachinery,automobiles, ships,

chemicals, and crafts. Carbide rotary burr can be used to processmachine cast iron,

cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel,hardened steel, copper and aluminum.

2. The Feature of tungsten rotary carbide burr:

Great efficiency, high degree of finish, long service life and high accuracy.

Easy to use, safe, reliable, economical and labor-saving.

Work with high-speed electric grinders or pneumatic tools..

Can process all kinds of metalsuch as iron, steel,copper,aluminum and non-metal such as marble, jade, bone.

Widely used in machinery,automobile,ships,chemical,craft and more.

3.The recommended application of various types of tungsten carbide burr:

Arch ball/pointed nose – engraving, texturing, increasing hole size

Ball – concave cuts, hollowing, shaping, carving. Useful for wood, stone, metal engraving.

Ball nose cone – rounding edges, surface finishing, tight spaces, and angles.

carbide ball nose cylinder- contour finishing

Ball nose tree also known as tapered – concave cuts and rounding edges

Cone – rounding edges, surface finishing, tight spaces, hard to reach areas.

Cylindrical – contour finishing and right-angled corners

Cylindrical end cut – contour finishing

Carbide Cylindrical no end cut – contour finishing

Flame – channel work and shaping

Inverted cone – v-cuts and rear-side chamfering

Oval – die grinding and engraving

Pointed tree – concave cuts, rounding edges, access to hard-to-reach areas, and acute angles.

Rounded tree – concave cuts and rounding edges

4.Service supplied:

Full types for choice


Competitve price,stable quality,short lead time

Solid carbide burr,long shank carbide burr,carbide burr set supplied

Can engrave as requirement

Package:extension tube for one piecesthe color could be blue,yellow

5.The details of three different types of cut shape of carbide burr:

Single cut burrs are primarily for general purpose fluting,milling,and cleaning,which produce long chips,and are ideal for heavy removal of material.

Double cut burrs creat small chips and a good finish,which are efficient at stock removal in harder materials.The additional flute reduce pull and increase operator control.Best for medium to light removal of material.It can be used at slower than normal speeds.

Coarse cut burrsaluminum cut burr remove stock quickly,and provide large flute area in softer ferrous and non-ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
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