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Growing Pains: Top Ten Wholesale Announces New Upgrades and Improvements to Website to Meet Impressive Demand -

Jun 24, 2005

Top Ten Wholesale (, a wholesale resource site for retailers and eBay PowerSellers announces that unprecedented demand for services has required an upgrade to their search and delivery systems as well as a more robust user account system.

Watertown, CT (PRWEB) June 24, 2005 -- Even the most successful launch in the history of online wholesale marketing has a downside; the pressure of upgrading to meet ever-increasing demand. Top Ten Wholesale (, a wholesale resource site for retailers and eBay PowerSellers recently faced this dilemma and have found that relieving the growing pains associated with a quick start can lead to success in the uncertain world of online advertising.

Top Ten Wholesale has only been live since early April. For most commercial websites, the first quarter of operations is normally a "shakedown" period, fixing bugs and polishing the rough edges of an untested product. Top Ten Wholesale had quick, dramatic success, but this success also created new challenges for the young company.

By mid-June, Top Ten Wholesale had over 100 advertisers, a figure acknowleged by industry experts to be unprecedented. Early traffic numbers were phenomena of the same scale. It's a great problem to have, yet according to Top Ten owner Joe Preston, it's still a problem.

"It's really my error, I was basing my traffic projections on normal growth curves for new sites. Obviously, we were hoping to exceed those projections, but we didn't expect to smash through them by a factor of 10," said Preston.

Preston cites several factors that contributed to Top Ten's early success. Solid experience in marketing for the wholesale industry led to one of the few first-class launches in a segment previously made up of crude PPC search sites all running the same listings. The presence of Jason Prescott, president of Top Ten Wholesale, meant an established relationship with dozens of the premier wholesale suppliers. Those wholesale businesses bring revenue and content, but also immediate pressure to perform. The back-end systems in place for Top Ten Wholesale's launch weren't ready to handle the surge of business that followed.

"All we did was cost ourselves money. The traffic flowed in so fast that my original scripts couldn't account for the traffic. It was a great deal for the advertisers, of course, and we were overjoyed to show them the response, but at the end of the day we couldn't show the whole picture to ourselves or our customers. We had to make a switch," said Preston.

The solution was to license stronger technology and use better web design to create a superior experience for wholesale buyers and sellers. The new scripts allow for more detailed tracking, improved protection against click fraud and better maintenance of the wholesale product listings. More effective web design creates a better experience for the visitor, leading to more return vists and better advertiser response. Upgrades are expensive but worth it, says Top Ten Wholesale President, Jason Prescott.

"It cost real money to make these changes, but we're want to be in it for the long haul."

For additional information on the upgrades to Top Ten Wholesale contact Jason Prescott or visit

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Top Ten Wholesale - - is an online wholesale industry resource that presents the industry's premier suppliers. Specializing in wholesale clothing, wholesale jewelry, wholesale self-defense and security, Top Ten has been in business for less than three months but is already one of the most popular destinations for wholesale buyers.

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