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Add Single Product(s)

To add a single product:

  1. Go to the Account Center
  2. Click Products on the main menu
  3. Click Add Products on the left menu

Select a Category

The first step is to select the best category for your product. Selecting a relevant category ensures maximum exposure for your product. After you select your category, click the Continue button.

Product Details

Enter your product details into the form. Complete as much information as possible to get maximize exposure and ensure that buyer's have enough information to make a decision about your product. Once you have complete all information, click the Add Product button to submit your product.

Tips for Writing Quality Product Listings

Your product listings will be displayed in the search results based on the category, product name and description within each product listing. Be sure to use relevant keywords in the product name and description to ensure your product listings are found easily by buyers.

Quality vs Quantity - It is much better to have a smaller number of high-quality product listings than a large quantity of low-quality product listings.

Name - enter a product name that clearly identifies the product. Do not use your internal product ID or sku numbers. Instead, use a product name with descriptive keywords. Be specific not generic. Avoid using abbreviations and check spelling. See examples below...

Bad Product Name:  MPS-257889
Good Product Name:  Men's Cotton Polo Shirt - Various colors and sizes

Bad Product Name:  Silver Jewelry
Good Product Name:  Sterling Silver Earrings with 1/2 Caret Diamonds

Description - Enter a product description that fully describes the features and or specifications of the product, keeping in mind keywords that would allow your product to be found easily in a keyword search. Any other pertinent information about the product should be entered in the description.