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Batch Uploading Products

To batch upload products:

  1. Go to the Account Center
  2. Click Products on the main menu
  3. Click Batch Upload Products on the left menu
  4. Complete the form and click Upload Now

File Specifications

The product file must be an ASCII file with fields separated by tab or comma. The first row of the file must contain field headings.

* Field headings must exactly match the names of the Data Fields (see Data Fields below).

Creating the File

If your product data is in an Excel spreadsheet, do the following to create an upload file:

  1. Open the file in Excel and do a final review
  2. Click File > Save As
  3. Select Text (Tab delimited) from the Save as type dropdown

Data Fields

The following fields can be included in your products file:

[optional] - include the ID of the product when uploading changes to existing products

[optional] - include the numerical category ID if you select "Category Included in File" when uploading your file
use this to manually categorize your products or change the category of an existing product
Download Category List

[required] - the name of the product

[required] - detailed description of the product

[required] - full URL (including http://) to the product image

[optional] - the brand of the product (i.e. Sony, Polo, Nike)

[optional] - the model number of the product

[optional] - packaging type, dimensions, container capacity etc. (500 characters max, no html or email addresses)

Orgin City
[optional] - city where the product is from

Origin Country
[optional] - country where the product is from (standard 2-Letter country code, i.e. US, CA, CN)

[optional] - related currency for the Price fields

Price Lo
[optional] - the low price for your product (enter as, i.e. 15.00)

Price Hi
[optional] - the high price for your product (enter as, i.e. 25.00)

[optional] - the port your product will ship from

Pay LC
[optional] - payment by Letter of Credit accepted
Permitted Values: Y,N

Pay CC
[optional] - payment by Credit Card accepted
Permitted Values: Y,N

Pay CK
[optional] - payment by Check accepted
Permitted Values: Y,N

Pay WU
[optional] - payment by Western Union accepted
Permitted Values: Y,N

Pay PP
[optional] - payment by PayPal accepted
Permitted Values: Y,N

Lead Time
[optional] - lead time details (50 characters max, i.e. 7 days, 2 weeks, etc.)

[optional] - minimum order quanity (numeric only)

MOQ Unit
[optional] - minimum order quanity unit

[optional] - enter the amount you would like to bid for priority placement of your product (minimum bid amount is $0.20)

[optional] - enter the full URL (including http://) to the product page on your website

File Processing

Your product file will be processed within 24 hours and your products will be placed in the pending queue for review by our content team. You will be notified by email when your products have been reviewed.

Updating Existing Products

You can easily upload changes to your existing products by doing the following:

  1. Find the products you want to edit
  2. Download the products using the Excel-download link
  3. Open the spreadsheet and make your changes
  4. Be sure to keep the ID field in the spreadsheet (do not edit this field)
  5. Save the spreadsheet as Text (Tab delimited)
  6. Upload the file

Your changes will be processed within 24 hours.

Tips for Writing Quality Product Listings

Your product listings will be displayed in the search results based on the category, product name and description within each product listing. Be sure to use relevant keywords in the product name and description to ensure your product listings are found easily by buyers.

Quality vs Quantity - It is much better to have a smaller number of high-quality product listings than a large quantity of low-quality product listings.

Name - enter a product name that clearly identifies the product. Do not use your internal product ID or sku numbers. Instead, use a product name with descriptive keywords. Be specific not generic. Avoid using abbreviations and check spelling. See examples below...

Bad Product Name:  MPS-257889
Good Product Name:  Men's Cotton Polo Shirt - Various colors and sizes

Bad Product Name:  Silver Jewelry
Good Product Name:  Sterling Silver Earrings with 1/2 Caret Diamonds

Description - Enter a product description that fully describes the features and or specifications of the product, keeping in mind keywords that would allow your product to be found easily in a keyword search. Any other pertinent information about the product should be entered in the description.