Get 100% Authentic Name Brand Items at eFashion Wholesale

eFashion Wholesale is a company selling wholesale designer products and name brand designer items. All of the items the company sells are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

From new wallets to brand new handbags, all items are ready to buy and ship immediately. eFashion Wholesale is the perfect wholesale solution for mom and pop retailers, chain stores, independent stores, and eCommerce retailers. The myriad convenience the company supplies, such as low order minimums, small prepacks, and ease of ordering, make this wholesale company an exceptional choice when seeking wholesale name brand products.

Pictured: eFashion Wholesale  selection of jeans as shown on the company's Facebook page.
Pictured: eFashion Wholesale selection of jeans as shown on the company’s Facebook page.

Designer Brands at Discounted Prices

The line of products available through eFashion Wholesale includes big name brands like Nautica, Guess, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger which are all available at special prices right now.

The company has dozens of men’s and women’s name brand fashion in terms of apparel, but does not stop there.

eFashion Wholesale is also home to kids clothing, maternity fashions, sunglasses, footwear, underwear, socks, wallets, handbags, cosmetics, watches, and overstock lots.

Specializing in liquidation, closeout, and off-price items, eFashion Wholesale is and remains a premier international wholesaler of fashion and apparel. The majority of the products the company sells come from buyouts of excess inventory from different manufacturers.

What Does Excess Inventory Buyouts Mean For the Consumer?

Excess inventory entails manufacturing company downsizing, inventory reduction, current season excess, and canceled customer orders. At times, you can get authentic brand name products from eFashion Wholesale at 50 percent the price of what you would have paid in the department store. The company promises regular turnovers that retailers can select items from to ensure the availability of fresh inventory at all times.

Get In Contact With eFashion Wholesale: 

The company can be reached myriad ways.

By telephone: 732.866.9976 (domestic) or 002.866.9976 (international)

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Orders can be placed via telephone or online at the company’s official website at Once your order is placed, you can check it by using the buyer identification you are supplied with: Just log into the site, enter your information, and you get a status update on your order.

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