Ask Yourself These 12 Questions To Discover Your Unique Brand

If you have a good handle on your brand, it can help when it comes time to make both small and big business-related decisions.  Knowing your brand will also give a business owner the ability to establish trust with your target audience, and in doing so, you will increase your bottom line. While the latter argument seems simple enough, in truth, many business owners have difficulty nailing down the definition of “brand,” and for some it seems like an elusive, formless concept that is tricky to put a figure on or comprehend.

In the Small Business Encyclopedia established by Entrepreneur Magazine, if a business develops a brand strategy, it gives that business owner a leg up in the ever-competitive market.  First, it is important to identify the meaning of a brand in order to define your own. Through your brand, you will make your business stand out. Consumers will buy from you with confidence.

In this article we’ll go through 12 essential questions you need to ask yourself in order to discover your unique brand.

Your brand is a complex formula of who you desire to be; who you are now, and the perception your consumers have of your business. Thus, self-assessment is a measure lending to one’s ability to characterize one’s brand. To begin your exploration of personal branding, consider the following 5 questions:

What was behind the reason for your starting your business?

What is your passion in relation to your business?

How would you define the goal of your business?

How does your business compare to others? How is it different?

Got that down?

Let’s move on to identifying your target audience in order to make an impression and bring it all together. 

To  define your audience, sit down and write out a list of your customers and the characteristics of your typical shopper. Consider the following 7 questions:

What age group are you targeting?

Are you targeting males, females or both?

What does your customer like and how does it relate to your product or services?

How can your products help your customers?

Why would your customer need what you are selling?

What do you want your consumers to think about you and your services?

How can you help shape your consumers’ impressions?

Make a note of the impression of your business you want your customers to carry. In the end, you will need to put your personality, passions, your customers needs and desires, and the overall impression you want to make into one powerful branding package.


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